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Noyce Pathway to Mathematics II: An Integrated STEM Initiative Focused in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Noyce Pathway to Mathematics II (PTM2) program at the University of South Alabama provides scholarship funding and a stipend to support students earning an Alternative Master of Education in Mathematics to become a certified middle or high school (6-12) math teacher in high needs schools.

Want to inspire future STEM majors? Earn an Alternative Master of Education degree at South.

You could receive a $40,000 scholarship, which includes a stipend, for your degree!

Through the PTM2 program, you can…

  • learn how to reach all students through specific coursework aimed at integrated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).
  • learn the importance of diversity in your classroom as well as equitable pedagogy that includes all students.
  • receive one-on-one support during the program from South faculty.
  • have opportunities to engage in professional development with South faculty and travel and present your research at national and regional conferences.
  • receive mentoring and professional development support during your first three years of teaching.
  • join the Noyce teacher family of more than 45 South alumni who stay connected to this day.
  • earn approximately $62,941 as a first-year mathematics teacher in Alabama.
▼   Steps to Become a STREAM Scholar
  1. Complete the PTM2 Interest Form before September
  2. The PTM2 program director will schedule an initial screening call with the applicant 
  3. Complete the pre-residency application before you are placed with a mentor teacher
  4. Complete the pre-residency experience in the fall semester and receive a $2,000 stipend (September - November)
  5. Provide a presentation to the Noyce leadership committee about your pre-residency experience (November or December)
  6. Complete the PTM2 application and sign a contract (December)
  7. Complete an official application to the USA Graduate School (Deadlines Vary, typically December 1)
  8. Successfully pass the Mathematics Praxis - Test Code 5436 (must pass before scholarship funds are distributed, no later than December)
  9. Receive the PTM2 program scholarship of $40,000, which covers tuition, fees and books and includes a housing stipend (starting in January and receiving $10,000 each semester for tuition and books as well as any living expenses)
  10. Start graduate school PTM2 program classes (January/spring semester)
  11. Graduate four semesters later (spring semester)