Center for Disaster Healthcare Preparedness

In response to COVID-19, USA-CDHP has temporarily suspended all training programs (BASIC,Simulation, Administrative, and Road Shows) until further notice. If you have any questions please contact 251-461-1805.

Alabama Healthcare Coalition Coordination Program 2019-2020

In order to meet the statewide need for continued healthcare coalition assessments, training, planning and coordination, the University of South Alabama, Center for Disaster Healthcare Preparedness (CDHP) is responsible for the design and delivery of the Alabama Healthcare Coalition Coordination Program during the 2019-2020 project-year. 

CDHP, by working closely with the nine Healthcare Coalitions in Alabama, will develop and strengthen preparedness and response capabilities through the implementation of objectives and activities defined in the 2017-2022 Healthcare Preparedness and Response Capabilities document.  CDHP will oversee a comprehensive HCC Coordination Program utilizing coalition specific work plans.  This process will consist of progress assessments detailing planning accomplishments or shortfalls, identifying gaps with resource management plans, and, close those identified preparedness and response gaps by offering Basic, Road Show, Simulation, and Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professional (HEPP) online Certificate Course training sessions, along with a variety of workshops to improve Healthcare Coalitions’ readiness, response, continuity and patient surge capacities and capabilities. 

Additionally, CDHP will serve as the Fiscal Agent for the nine HCCs in Alabama.