CDHP Course Registration

Registration for the BASIC and Simulation Courses for this grant year has closed.  As schedules for the upcoming grant are formalized, the information will be posted on this page. 

If you have questions or need additional information contact Tammy Pastor 251-461-1805 or


Scheduled Onsite Trainings:

Healthcare Coalition (HCC) District        Date    Time Location Topic
Jefferson County HCC 3/22/22 12pm - 4pm Virtual Delivery COVID Response 
State of Alabama HCCs 4/12/22 12pm-4pm Vitual Tabletop Exercise Burn Surge 
Childrens Hopsital of Alabama 4/13/22 12pm-4pm Birmingham, AL Personal Protective Equipment, Chemical Response
North Alabama HCC 4/22/22 9am-12pm Decatur, AL COVID Response
Shoals HCC 5/5/22 9am-12pm Colbert County, AL COVID Response
East Central HCC 5/6/22 9am-12pm Prattville, AL  COVID Response
East Central HCC 5/6/22 1pm-4pm Prattville, AL Burn Surge 
 Southwest HCC 5/9/22 9am-12pm Monroeville, AL  COVID Response
North Alabama HCC 5/10/22 9am-12pm University of Huntsville Burn Surge
West Central HCC 5/11/22 9am-12pm Tuscaloosa, AL COVID Response
Mobile County HCC 5/31/22 9-12 pm Mobile County EMA, Mobile, AL COVID Response
Northeast HCC 5/12/22 9am-12pm Anniston, AL COVID Response
Southeast HCC


1pm -4pm

Dothan - Houston County EMA, Dothan, AL

COVID Response
Burn Surge