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About Health Care Coalitions (HCCs)

Health Care Coalitions were initiated by Health & Human Services, Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response (ASPR) Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) for the purpose of increasing response capability to address large scale disasters and emergencies.

HCCs strive to bring together healthcare and response agencies within a regional district to promote collaboration, planning, training, and building capacity within the community to better serve in preparation, response, and recovery of a crisis or disaster.

HCCs invite representatives from hospitals, emergency medical services, emergency management agencies, public health agencies, volunteer & faith based organizations to participate in the mission of the coalition.  Building a strong network of community partners with foundational knowledge of roles and responsibilities of partners & stakeholders,
supports the HPP initiative.  HCCs are provided guidance, performance measures, and benchmarks that assist in the success of the HCC.  The HPP provides funding through cooperative agreements that financially support HCCs planning, response, and capability advancement. This program is designed to evolve the HCCs to a self-sustaining collaborative partnership that works together to prepare for disasters and build resilience within the healthcare community.

HPP is a cooperative agreement (CoAg) program administered by ASPR’s National Healthcare Preparedness Programs (NHPP) Branch. It establishes the foundation for national health care readiness, promotes a consistent national focus to improve patient outcomes during emergencies, and enables rapid health care service resilience and recovery. Since 2002, investments administered through HPP have improved individual health care entities’ preparedness and have built a system for coordinated health care system readiness and response through health care coalitions (HCCs). 

These coalitions and partnerships operate and coordinate activities across the local, state, regional, and federal level to ready health care delivery systems for disasters and emergencies – including developing mechanisms for effective patient movement, communicating situational awareness, and providing resource-sharing across disparate health care entities. HPP enables individual facilities and coalitions to access a truly national response network, enabling the health care system to save lives and protect Americans from 21st-century health security threats. HPP’s work moves ASPR towards achieving the 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities which represent the ideal state of readiness in the United States and include

  1. Foundation for Health Care and Medical Readiness,
  2. Health Care and Medical Response Coordination, 
  3. Continuity of Health Care Service Delivery, and 
  4. Medical Surge.

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