Ronald W. Eastburn

Ronald W. Eastburn

Assistant Professor

Research Interests 

Managing the unexpected (surprise), how firms utilize their knowledge base for decision-making, strategic process management and risk management. 


  • D.M. from Case Western Reserve University
  • MBA from University of Central Florida
  • B.A. from University of South Alabama

  • He also graduated from the Stonier School of Banking from the University of Delaware in conjunction with the American Bankers Association.


Eastburn, R. W.  (2018). “Organizational Mindfulness: A discriminating factor for firm performance.” Journal of Managerial Issues. Vol. 30 No.1.

Eastburn, R. W (2017). “Realizing Value from Absorptive Capacity”, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management. Vol. 17 No. 4.

Eastburn R.W., & Sharland, A. (2017). “Risk mitigation and managerial mindset”, Journal of Risk Finance, Vol. 18 No 1 pp.21-47

Eastburn R.W., & Boland, R.J. (2016). “Inside banks’ information and control systems: Post-decision surprise and corporate disruption.” Information and Organization, Vol. 25 pp.  160-190.

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