Management Faculty

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Brouer, Robyn, Ph.D.

Ben Maye Distinguished Professor of Management

Dr. Robyn L. Brouer
(716) 474-6339
management, phd in business administration B
Cole, Sonya, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor,  Management
MCOB 229
(251) 341- 3081
management C
Finney, Treena Ph.D.
Professor,  Management
Treena Finney
MCOB 351
(251) 461-1391
management F
Gillis, Bill, Ph.D.
Chair,  Management
MCOB 347
(251) 414-8084
management, phd in business administration G
Hunt, James (Jay)
Instructor,  Management
James Hunt
MCOB 229
(251) 314-4041
management H
Maes, Jeanne, Ph.D.
Professor,  Management
MCOB 301
(251) 460-6737
management M
Mosley, Donald, Ph.D.
Professor,  Management
MCOB 123
(251) 460-6730
management M
Nelson, Thomas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,  Management
MCOB 116
(251) 341-3861 
management N
Pietri, Paul, D.B.A.
Professor Emeritus,  Management
MCOB 310
management P
Smith, David
Instructor,  Management
David Smith
MCOB 327
(251) 460-6334 
management S
Smith, Mickey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,  Management
Mickey Smith
MCOB 344
(251) 460-6715 
management, phd in business administration S
Stupavsky, Jana
Instructor,  Management
Jana Stupavasky
MCOB 129
(251) 460-6702
management, staff, dean's office S
Tashbin, G.
Instructor, Management G. Tashbin
MCOB 157
(251) 460-7228
dean's office, management, staff T
Turnipseed, David, Ph.D.
Professor,  Management
MCOB 332
(251) 414-8087 
management T
Wassenaar, Christina
Assistant Professor,  Management
MCOB 343
(251) 460-6964

management W
Weldy, Teresa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,  Management
MCOB 360
(251) 460-6707 
management W
Woodford, Kelly, JD
Associate Dean,  Mitchell College of Business
MCOB 133
(251) 460-6723 
management, dean's office W
Wu, I-Heng (Ray), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management
MCOB 336
(251) 460-7403
management W