Dr. Treena Gillespie Finney

Dr. Treena Gillespie Finney


Research Interests 

  • Employee selection and development (e.g., 360-degree feedback)
  • International HR issues, including the applicability of constructs cross-culturally
  • Negative or destructive leadership (e.g., antecedents of abusive and toxic leadership and the effects of this “dark” leadership)
  • Customer-directed behaviors (e.g., customer-directed counterproductive work behavior)
  • Negotiation and conflict
  • Gender issues


  • Ph.D. Industrial / Organizational Psychology
    DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

  • M.S. Applied Psychology
    Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

  • B.A. Psychology (Minor: Marketing)
    Clemson University (Clemson, SC)


Mayes, B. T., Finney, T. G., Johnson, T. W., Shen, J., and Yi, L. (2017).  The effect of human resource practices on perceived organizational support in the People’s Republic of China. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 28(9), 1261-1290.

Rose, D. S., English, A., & Finney, T. G. (2014).  Hire Better Teachers Now:  Using the Science of Selection to Find the Best Teachers for Your School.  Harvard Education Press.

Parry, R. O., & Finney, T. G.  (2014).  Affirmative Action:  A schizophrenic history.  Southern Law Journal, 24(2), 237-265. 

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