Dr. Jeanne D. Maes
Dr. Jeanne D. Maes
Professor of Management
University Ombudsperson

Research Interests 

Communication, negotiation, conflict management, organizational development and change, partnering, team-building, and leadership


  • Ph.D. – 1994, Communications and Management
    University of Southern Mississippi

  • MBA – 1985
    University of South Alabama

  • BS Degree – 1983, Liberal Arts
    University of the State of New York, Albany


Maes, J., & Wall, K. (2017). Joanne  Preston: Integrating Disciplines, Expanding Paradigms. Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers. Online: Springer. •springernature.com    share and cite: doi:10.1007/978-3-319-49820-1_89-1)

Maes, J., & Isaacs, G. (2016). Changing Cultures through Interactive Leadership e-Learning: A Global Challenge. Organizational Development Journal, 34(1), 97-108. www.isodc.org

Maes, J., Stansbury, A., & Shiffo, R. (2015). Before all else fails, press reset. Dispute Resolution Journal, 70(1), 59-65.  http://www.jurispub.com/cart.php?m=content&page=5

Weldy, T., Maes, J., & Harris, J. (2014). Process and Practice: Improving Perceived Writing Ability, Confidence in Writing, and Awareness of Writing Skills ‘Importance. Journal of Innovative Education Strategies, 3(1), 24. www.intledgroup.org/CallofPapers-jies.html

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  • Organization Communication
  • Negotiation