Dr. Mickey B. Smith

Dr. Mickey B. Smith

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Smith conducts research on various factors that predict and explain job performance and employee behaviors. Specifically, his research focuses on both individual-level and group-level predictors of performance. For instance, he examines individual differences (e.g., personality) and team-level climates (e.g., climate for involvement). His research has been published in various refereed journals that include Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Personality and Individual Differences, Journal of Business and Psychology, and International Journal of Human Resource Management. He has presented his research at several national and international professional conferences, and he has acted as a consultant for organizations in various industries (e.g., healthcare, government, chemical).


  • Ph.D. in Management
    Oklahoma State University

  • M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    University of West Florida

  • B.A. in Psychology
    University of South Alabama


Greenbaum, R.L., Mawritz, M.B., Bonner, J.M., Butts, M.M., & Smith, M.B. (2020). It’s all about the bottom-line: Group bottom-line mentality, Psychological safety, and group creativity. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Howard, M.C., Cogswell, J.E., & Smith, M.B. (2019). The antecedents and outcomes of workplace ostracism: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Webster, B.D., & Smith, M.B. (2019). The Dark Triad and organizational citizenship behaviors: The moderating role of high involvement management. Journal of Business and Psychology, 34, 621-635.

Webster, B.D., Edwards, B.D., & Smith, M.B. (2019). Is holding two jobs too much? An examination of dual jobholders. Journal of Business and Psychology, 34, 271-285.

Smith, M.B., Hill, A.D., Wallace, J.C., Recendes, T., & Judge, T.A. (2018). The upside to dark and downside to bright personality: A review and future research agenda. Journal of Management, 44, 191-217.

Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., Vandenberg, R.J., & Mondore, S. (2018). Employee involvement climate, task and citizenship performance, and instability as a moderator. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29, 615-636.

Smith, M.B., & Webster, B.D. (2018). Narcissus the innovator? The relationship between grandiose narcissism, innovation, and adaptability. Personality and Individual Differences, 121, 67-73.

Smith, M.B., & Webster, B.D. (2017). A moderated mediation model of Machiavellianism, social undermining, political skill, and supervisor-rated job performance. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 453-459.

Wallace, J.C., Butts, M., Stevens, F., Johnson, P.D., & Smith, M.B. (2016). A multilevel model of employee innovation: Understanding the effects of regulatory focus, thriving, and employee involvement climate. Journal of Management, 42, 982-1004.

Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., & Jordan, P. (2016). When the dark ones become darker: How promotion focus moderates the effects of the Dark Triad on supervisor performance ratings. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 236-254.

Johnson, P.D., Smith, M.B., Wallace, J.C., Hill, A.D., & Baron, R.A. (2015). A review of multilevel regulatory focus in organizations. Journal of Management, 41, 1501-1529.  

Smith, M.B., Bryan, L. K., & Vodanovich, S.J. (2012). The counter-intuitive effects of flow on positive leadership and employee attitudes: Incorporating positive psychology into the management of organizations. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 15, 174-198.


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  • MGT 340 – Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 351 – Human Resource Management
  • MGT 470 – High Performance Organizations
  • MGT 475 – Strategic Human Resource Management
  • MGT 601 – Seminar in Organizational Behavior (Doctorate in Business Administration)