Dr. Thomas E. Nelson, PhD

Dr. Thomas E. Nelson, PhD

Associate Professor of Management
Director of Student Competitions

Research Interests

Dr. Nelson’s research interests are in aspects of entrepreneurship that are critical to making entrepreneurial opportunities more broadly available, more likely to succeed, and more successful. These include entrepreneurial design theory, solopreneurship and side hustling, crowdfunding, forgiving business models, and public policy as it relates to entrepreneurship.


  • Ph.D. Entrepreneurship, University of Louisville
  • M.B.A. Entrepreneurship, Ball State University
  • B.S. Entrepreneurship, Ball State University


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Nelson, Apple, Ellis, Leasure, & King-Berry (2020) Performance Descriptions: A Major Tool for Performance Development

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Goldsby, M.G. & Nelson, T.E. (2012).  Entrepreneurial Design: A Design Based Theory of Entrepreneurship.  Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol. 23, #2 Winter, pgs 80-95.


  • MGT 345: Creativity & Innovation
  • MGT 465: New Venture Creation