Online Student FAQ


 Yes, there are even very few restrictions from an online student taking in-person classes and a student can transfer from an on-campus program to an online program and vice versa.


 The diploma from an online program will not say USA online, it will be the same diploma as all other in-person programs.
They can be found here - 
If you are registered in an online program at the university of South Alabama you will never need to appear on campus for any lectures of classes but attending in-person classes is still an available option for an online student should they wish to do so.
There are group project assignments, regular individual assignments, homework’s and exams for online students. 
There is a graduation ceremony that is livestreamed but this can also be attended in person by an online student with other online and in-person students.
Yes, online students eligible to receive their student ID card.

Yes, online students get the same access to on campus facilities such as the Student Recreation centre, library access, entry to home football games and much more.


Yes, there are internships as part of online programs, these internships can be done via remote working. We currently have students on internships in countries such as Ireland, Spain, Germany and Netherlands to name the few all done through remote working.
Some tests are proctored, specifically for a final exam there is a requirement for the exam to be proctored using a service called ProctorU.
There is no minimum limit for the number of hours a student has to partake in per day. The student will just be required to complete the hours for each course they sign up for with a recommendation of two study hours per week for each credit hour they are registered in.
They are not specific office hours for online students, to meet with an office member will be by appointment only.
Yes, although we are not currently offering two 100% online degrees within the business school.

Admissions & Costs

The standard college admission requirements apply to the online courses.


 The same in-state/out-of-state program credit hour costs apply to the online courses.
Yes, you can apply for scholarships in JagSpot to see what scholarships would be applicable to you as a student.

Transfer Students

Yes, this course is available for Transfer Students.


You can transfer up to a maximum of 60 credits, however, the amount of credit hours depends on what college you are transferring from and if the credits are applicable.
Yes, although there are none directly from the Business College, there are still scholarships available from the university.