Welcome from the Chair

Alvin Williams

Welcome to the Department of Marketing & Quantitative Methods!  We invite you to discover the breadth and depth of Marketing in the Mitchell College of Business.  Marketing is ubiquitous.  It is everywhere.  Every product, service, idea, individual, and organization will at some point embrace Marketing to ensure long-term success.  The Marketing curriculum prepares you to lead the exciting journey of creating and delivering value through customer-focused actions.  Our program prepares you to develop smart Marketing practices designed to facilitate profitable exchanges across a range of global opportunities.  Quantitative methods ensure that marketers and other business practitioners have the tools and techniques required to support smart decision making.

The strength of our Marketing program has led to increased job opportunities for graduates and stronger linkages with the business community.  Through a well-conceptualized program, an engaging learning environment, and a committed faculty team, the Department delivers a quality product.  We strive to prepare students that are creative problem-solvers, analytically-astute, ethically-attuned, globally-sensitive, and communication-adept. 

As you consider alternative career fields, we invite you to explore the wide array of options associated with the Department of Marketing and Quantitative Methods.   We strive to offer student-centered learning environments that are rigorous, relevant, and applications-oriented.  We welcome you to join the Marketing team at Mitchell!  For additional details, please contact me at awilliams@southalabama.edu or (251) 461-1792.

Best wishes for a successful educational journey!


Alvin Williams, Ph.D.
Interim Chair and Distinguished Professor of Marketing