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Major in Marketing

The Marketing major provides a solid foundation in key areas of business, all concentrations in the major provide the student with a strong background in the practices and theories that are the foundation of contemporary marketing in the global competitive marketplace.

Majors are available in international business, marketing and supply chain. Students majoring in marketing must select one of two concentrations: marketing management or professional sales.

▼   Marketing Management
The Marketing Management concentration offers a holistic view of the marketing function, with special focus on consumer analysis, value creation and delivery, marketing segmentation, and marketing strategy development and execution, within the context of changing and competitive business environments.  The Marketing Management concentration prepares students for career in sales, advertising and marketing communication, retailing, supply chain management, market research and related areas.  It is good preparation for positions in healthcare marketing, sports marketing, tourism and hospitality, non-profit marketing, financial services marketing and a host of other growth industries. 
▼   Professional Sales

In globally-competitive organizations, sales professionals are increasingly responsible for market growth, value creation, customer relationship management, branding, and communication of product, service, and organizational benefits. The sales function is the engine that propels every aspect of the organization. The Professional Sales Concentration prepares students for rewarding careers in sales and related areas. Students completing this concentration have some proficiency in relationship selling, buyer behavior, value creation and delivery, prospecting, sales call planning, communications skills, negotiating win/win solutions, and customer relationship management.

▼   Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) embraces the full range of processes required to get good and services from vendors and to deliver finished products to customers worldwide.  The concentration highlights the management of activities from sourcing/procurement, conversion into finished goods, and related logistics.  The area encompasses the coordination and collaboration with all channel partners namely suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers.  The SCM Concentration prepares students for entry-level jobs in logistics, transportation, warehousing and distribution, purchasing/procurement, port management, supply management, demand management, and customer service.

▼   Internships for Marketing Majors

Three credit hours of internship credit are required for graduation from the Mitchell College of Business. The MCOB internship program provides marketing student internship opportunities for students planning careers in marketing to gain experience in their field prior to graduation.

To learn more about Internships for marketing majors, visit our internship webpage

▼   South Alabama Business Electives  

For marketing curriculum, requirements for marketing majors, or business electives, please visit the University's Bulletin