Alumni Spotlight: Brandi Hamilton Dugger

Posted on April 3, 2023 by MCOB Outreach
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Transferring To The Next Level

Brandi Hamilton Dugger, a 2008 MCOB graduate with a bachelor of science degree in business administration, is now an area sales manager at CSL Behring, a biologic pharmaceutical company.

“I started in public relations for a health system, but my passion was always healthcare,” said Dugger. “I decided to apply for a pharmaceutical sales position because I was intrigued by the level of education and knowledge it takes, the direct impact you have on patients, and working alongside the doctors and staff. I love it,” she said.

Originally from Gautier, Mississippi, Dugger attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College after high school. “I was on a full scholarship, a member of their recruitment team, in the honors program, and was also awarded Miss JC. I was extremely active in the campus culture,” she said.

“I completed my associate degree there, then I got a transfer scholarship to South,” she said. “That was the first year they started the Transfer Scholarship program, and I got it. So, I came from a junior college to South Alabama.”

When asked how it felt going from a small community college to a larger university, “For me, South reminded me of other big universities. It was very sophisticated, but not overwhelming. I found that the culture was really nice,” she said.

Dugger attributes her professional success to the smooth transition she made to South. “It was actually a really nice transition. In high school, your counselor was more of your mentor. But when I got to South, every teacher was more of a mentor than anything else,” she said. “All of my professors were great mentors. That was encouraging, and it did a lot for easing the learning curve in every class. You do kind of just feel like you're at home, you feel welcomed and motivated with purpose when you're at South,” she said.

Dugger’s advice to other students getting their associate degrees, “I don’t think you should stop there, because there’s so much more growth when you transfer to a university. It really matures you,” she said. “You’re in the company of faculty and staff that are there to support you and help you get to your career.”

She added, “In getting a business degree, I learned all the pieces that support any corporation… business law, HR, accounting, statistics... all the departments. Coming to South was the best decision I could have made for myself,” she said.


The University of South Alabama makes it easy to transfer from another school. For information about transferring to South, visit: .

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