Alumni Spotlight: Jarrod England

Posted on September 26, 2022 by MCOB Outreach
MCOB Outreach


Today, Jarrod England is much more than a Mitchell College Alumni; he is a proud Mobilian, dedicated husband to Caitlin, father to the couple’s baby boy born in March, and Director of Operations for Mobile-based Hummingbird Ideas, a full-service marketing agency. His story began with a choice to pursue higher education at the University of South Alabama. 

When England chose to attend South, he did so to stay close to family, but quickly realized the unique value of the opportunities on campus and the relationships he was building. England pledged Sigma Chi Fraternity just prior to the start of his freshman year, and the men within the organization became especially important to his personal and professional journey. 

“I think one of the most important things when evaluating a potential college is the opportunity you have to create lasting and beneficial relationships—academically, professionally, and personally. Some of my best and most valued friendships still remain in place today because of Sigma Chi. These friends have carried on with me since graduating more than 15 years ago.” 

After deciding to explore the business discipline, England discovered the college’s Sport & Event Marketing degree, a major not offered elsewhere at the time. Here, England found a caring community and developed lasting relationships with peers and faculty who were invested in him. 

Following graduation, England realized his dream of working in the sports world and accepted a position with Chip Ganassi Racing Team’s NASCAR operation as a partnership/sponsorship management team member. He was quickly promoted and eventually became one of the organization’s driver team’s publicists, before deciding to return to his roots in Mobile. He joined Red Square Agency as PR Director in 2011 then became the Director of Operations for Hummingbird Ideas in 2014. 

In his professional capacity today, England wears ‘hats’ as diverse as his experience while managing the agency, an adaptability made possible by his willingness to learn and desire to provide for his sweet– and growing– family.

“I have always been interested in learning, whether through active participation or by listening to conversations and asking questions of both supervisors and peers that were more experienced than me,” said England. “The things that motivated you as a student or young professional certainly change as the obligations and responsibilities grow. Now, there is no better motivation than waking up and looking at your family and remembering how much they depend on you, each and every day.”

England’s story is far from over, and his dedication to people, learning, and hard work will continue to serve his family and the Mobile community into the future. 

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