Student Spotlight: Luke Nelson

Posted on June 14, 2024 by Angelina Ladner
Angelina Ladner

Luke NelsonLuke Nelson is currently a junior at the University of South Alabama. After he and his twin brother, Noah Nelson, learned of all the amazing stories from their family members who are South Alabama Alumni, they knew where they were meant to be. Originally from Lake Mary, Florida, he found his calling within the Mitchell College of Business.

Luke has always had an immense interest in the world of business, specifically supply chain. “I have a strong appreciation for how logistics and the supply chain work in this country as the invisible hand coordinating the movements of essential goods and services.” He is fascinated by his major and often draws inspiration from individuals in his life. Luke hopes to truly make his mark in this world.

“I have grown up inspired by the world around me, from people like my Dad to Walt Disney, as well as projects like the Brightline high-speed rail. I have used inspiration from people and projects like this to motivate me to pursue personal business endeavors. Whatever my ultimate landing spot, I want to be able to make an impact and leave behind something positive in my wake.”

Luke is extremely satisfied with his time as South thus far. “Through harboring strong connections with my peers and faculty members both inside and outside of the College of Business, I have become deeply involved on and around Campus.”

Luke has taken initiative within his college and helped to form the Lacrosse club at South in which he holds the title of president. He enjoys seeing everyone, including the local community, come out to support their team and their wins. He even earned an impressive win at the Melton Center for Entrepreneurship Coastal Pitch Competition.

“Don’t be afraid and seize the opportunity. Say yes to things that you are uncertain about and take risks! Step out of your comfort zone and see what can come of it.”

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