SoC Researchers Win InnoCentive Research Challenge

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Keith Lynn
Keith Lynn

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Computer science professor Dr. Todd McDonald, Patrick Luckett (SoC doctoral student), and Dr. Lee Hively (Gradient Dynamics LLC) were recently selected as finalists for their submission to an InnoCentive ( challenge sponsored by the SUDEP Institute ( entitled “Predictive Biomarkers of Epilepsy Seizures”. The team was awarded a $15K cash prize for their proposal on ”Reliable and Efficient Seizure Prediction and Detection Using Nonlinear Phase-Space Analysis”. Winning the challenge will advance the team to produce proof of concept data in a subsequent Reduction to Practice Challenge which will award $1,000,000. InnoCentive is a challenge clearinghouse organization that offers a comprehensive suite of externally and internally-focused programs to crowdsource solutions for tough research problems. The SUDEP Institute focuses on “Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy”, which occurs when a person with epilepsy dies unexpectedly and was previously in their usual state of health. Each year, more than 1 out of 1,000 people with epilepsy die from SUDEP and it occurs more frequently in people with epilepsy whose seizures are poorly controlled.  Dr. McDonald and Dr. Hively have been collaborators in nonlinear phase-space prediction research for over 4 years now where they first met during a visiting professor program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Hively has been studying seizure prediction for almost 20 years and has pioneered work in data-driven, theorem-based forewarning algorithms and is currently Chief Scientist with Gradient Dynamics.  Patrick Luckett is currently advancing this research as part of his doctoral studies and the award represents a great first step in his work to find a minimally invasive and reliable approach to predict seizures.

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