Educational Talent Search

  • Group picture of students with Southpaw and Miss Pawla.
  • Students smiling at desk in classroom.
  • Instructors smiling teaching class.
  • Instructor showing students a project.
  • Students walking in front of Shelby Hall.
  • Four females holding gift bags.
  • Students working on experiment on the ground outside.
"... helping make it possible for you to attend college. "

ETS is a federally funded program designed to provide personalized services necessary for educational success beyond high school. ETS projects are intended to encourage low income and first generation college students to consider college opportunities while they are in secondary schools and to assist them in completing applications.

The primary purpose of the program is to prepare students for successful entry into college, retention, and completion of post-secondary education. Our services are designed to improve academic performance, increase student motivation, and facilitate transitions from one level of education to the next.