USA Educational Talent Search

What are the Services Offered?

  Career & Vocational
  Enrichment Activities

Study Skills Training
  Listening Skills
  Note-taking Skills
  Reading Skills
  Test-taking Skills
  Study Organization/Techniques
  Time Management

College Preparation (for any 2 or 4-year institution)
  Admission Counseling
  College Adjustment Counseling
  Field Trips to Colleges
  ACT & SAT test preparation workshops
  Fee Waivers
      College Admission Applications
      College Entrance Exams

Financial Aid Counseling
  Financial Aid Workshops
  Assistance to completion of applications for grants and scholarships

Tutorial Component

Workshops and counseling for Parents of Participants Served

Mentoring Program

Follow-up Services


Referral to Other Social Service Agencies

An ETS advisor is available to meet with participants on a regular basis.  The advisor will travel to the target school for individual and group sessions.