USA Payment Plan Spring Semester 2020


The University of South Alabama offers the option to pay in full or to pay via participation in a payment plan. Students must enroll in the payment plans in accordance with each semester’s payment deadlines or their class schedule is subject to cancellation.

Payment by payment plan requires the student or authorized user to sign up each term within their student financial account.  The plan features three or four monthly payments for the Spring Semester (late enrollment may reduce the number of payments available) based on actual charges and plan enrollment date.  The plan payments may increase or decrease if a student makes changes to their schedule.  A late fee of $15 will apply if installment payments are not made by the due date. Installment plan payments are divided equally according to the duration of the plan. Any payments to the student account will apply to tuition, fee, housing and meal plan charges before any refunds will be returned to students. 

The first payment and a $35 nonrefundable processing fee are due at the time of enrollment. Students must have a minimum balance of $400 to be eligible to enroll in the payment plan. Students with a past due balance of $200 or more from a previous term are not eligible to participate. Students in the College of Medicine, English Language Center and Study Abroad are not eligible to participate. Enrolling in a payment plan does not result in automatic payment scheduling.  Payment plan participants must either log in each month to make payments or schedule their payments in advance according to the due dates of the plan installments within the student financial account.

Spring payment plan open enrollment begins on October 26th.  If you’d like to participate in the four payment plan, you should sign up as early as possible.  The first ¼ payment plus the $35 nonrefundable enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment. The remaining installments are due on January 10th, February 19th, and March 19th.  The ability to sign up for the four payment plan ends on December 18th.

Sign up for the three payment plan opens December 19th .  The first 1/3 payment plus the $35 nonrefundable enrollment fee is due at the time of enrollment.  The remaining installments are due on February 21st and March 20th.  The ability to sign up for all payment plans ends on January 16th.  Once payment plan enrollments are closed, payment in full is required.

Please go to Student Login

  • Select PAWS
  • Login Using Jag Number and JagNet Password
  • Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Student Records
  • Student Account Access

Payment Plan – Important Dates

4 Installment Plan

Open Enrollment – October 26th – December 17th

  • First Installment 1/4 plus $35 enrollment fee
  • Second Installment 1/4 of balance – January 10th
  • Third Installment 1/4 of balance – February 19th
  • Fourth Installment 1/4 of balance – March 19th

3 Installment Plan

Open Enrollment – December 18th – January 14th

  • First Installment 1/3 plus $35 enrollment fee
  • Second Installment 1/3 of balance – February 19th
  • Third Installment 1/3 of balance – March 19th