COVID-19 Supply Procedures


If your department is in need of hand sanitizer, masks, disinfectant spray/wipes, or acrylic barriers please follow the procedures detailed below:

 Procedures:  (Supplies subject to availability)

  • To acquire hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray/wipes please complete and submit the order form located here.
  • Once the form has been received and your request fulfilled, you will be notified when and where to pick up your supplies.
  • To acquire disposable masks and acrylic barriers please contact Safety and Environmental Compliance at 251-460-7070 or .

The procedures above will ensure that the University can attempt to maintain an adequate supply of these items for the health and safety of the University Community. They will also ensure that your department and the University are receiving supplies at the lowest possible cost.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Manuel Godwin at We ask for your patience as response time may be delayed due to high volume.

▼   Only to be used with Prior Authorization

The following procedures may be used ONLY if supplies are unavailable through the procedures above AND with PRIOR AUTHORIZATION from Robert Brown, Purchasing Manager, Finance & Administration, , 251-460-6586:

  • If authorized please follow the process below that is applicable to your method of purchase:
    • Purchase made using a Procurement Card (PCard)
      • When completing your procurement report make sure you select the appropriate Expense Type and use the Activity Code: CORONA
      • List of COVID Expense Types below:
        • Expense Type Description
             COVID PPE
             COVID Signage
             COVID Barriers
             COVID Sanitizer
             COVID Equipment
             COVID In-House Construction
      • Attach all required documentation including the approval from Robert Brown.
      • Complete processing as normal.
    • Purchase made using Banner Requisitioning
      • Select the appropriate account codes as follows:
      • Acct #     Acct Description
        711610    COVID PPE
        711620    COVID Signage
        711630    COVID Barriers
        711640    COVID Sanitizer
        711660    COVID Equipment
        711670   COVID In-House Construction
      • Complete processing as normal.