Global USA Faculty Ambassador Program

students standing together in an airport terminal holding a "go abroad jags" banner

The USA Faculty Ambassador Program is a Global USA initiative that supports the university's global engagement and international recruitment strategies by complementing existing international travel plans of selected faculty to host or attend international events on behalf of the university. 

▼   Program Goals
The Faculty Ambassador Program aims to:


  • Strengthen relationships with existing and potential partner institutions, international organizations, and U.S. Embassies around the globe 
  • Allow faculty to represent the university and strengthen existing partnerships and/or expand additional partnership opportunities, as well as opportunities to meet with potential students, high school counselors, or other school officials
  • Provide faculty an opportunity to become more involved and connected with Global Engagement initiatives at South and with international partners
  • Provide international professional development opportunities for faculty
  • Create a network of faculty to serve as resource for future participants in the program, as well as for the university community as whole
▼   Activities
These activities can include visits, presentations, or meetings at international partner (and potential partner) institutions, or educational offices and organizations, among others. 
▼   Eligibility
  • Must be a University of South Alabama faculty member, approved by the Global USA office
  • Must have confirmed travel plans and have secured funding to cover travel expenses. 
▼   Commitments & Benefits

What a faculty member commits to:

  • 1-hour meeting prior to travel for training and orientation
  • 2-8 hours of meeting time on-site/in-country (including travel time)
  • 30-minute post-trip meeting to share outcomes
  • University Presentation: share this program opportunity with colleagues 
▼   What you will receive
  • Training/orientation
  • All relevant university marketing materials
  • Logistics/communication assistance (meeting times and locations will be fully arranged by the Global USA office; faculty are only responsible for arranging their local transportation to/from meeting location)
  • Professional Development Stipend of $1000 issued by Global USA
  • Upon completion of the program, a letter will be provided to the faculty participant as evidence of participation in the program for use in promotion/tenure materials, etc. 
▼   Apply Now
Eligible faculty who are interested should apply via this Form at least 6 weeks prior to intended travel