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An International Guest is a foreign national visiting the University of South Alabama for a period of one week or less for the purpose of diplomatic relationship building, campus tours, or cultural presentations. International Guests will enter the United States either on a B-1 visa or an alternate visa category not requiring the sponsorship of the University of South Alabama. International Guests will not receive compensation from the University of South Alabama. International Guests will be approved and issued an invitation letter by the Global USA division following an export control clearance.

The University of South Alabama encourages the free exchange of ideas and knowledge through the hosting of visiting lecturers and performers.  When hosting an international guest lecturer or contractor who will perform services within the United States, the University of South Alabama is limited by very specific regulations from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor regarding payment and honoraria. Please make sure to visit the Office of Immigration Web Page on International Guests and reimbursements and honorarium prior to inviting a guest to campus to ensure that the guest will be able to receive the reimbursement or honorarium you are proposing. This webpage also includes forms which must be received and processed prior to the guest arriving on campus in order to smoothly process any payments.

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