IFC Bylaws

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Interfraternity Council

University of South Alabama

March 2015



Section 1: Membership dues shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per person per semester for each organization. These dues shall be paid no later than the second general body meeting of the fall semester.

Section 2: A ten dollar ($10.00) per day late charge shall be assessed for all delinquent dues owed to USA IFC.

Section 3: Failure to have any representation at USA IFC Meetings will be assessed a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine.

Section 4: Member organizations failing to have any representation at three (3) consecutive meetings without an excused absence shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00) a meeting and be put on automatic Social and Intramural Probation for the following semester.

Section 5: Member organizations that fail to have two (2) delegates at each USA IFC Meeting will be assessed a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per meeting.

Section 6: Excused absences shall be granted by the Executive Board and/or the USA IFC Advisor. Excused absences will be granted for but not limited to the following: when there are no members of an organization available as a result of an event hosted by the inter/national organization.

Section 7: Chapters that obtain an overall Grade Point Average above the all men’s GPA for the university will receive a twenty (20%) percent discount for the semester.

Section 8:Chapters experiencing financial difficulties have the options of setting up a payment plan with the Treasurer.


Section 1: Nominations for available officer positions will occur no less than one month prior to the scheduled, regular election.

Section 2: Nominated candidates will complete an application by the advertised due date. The purpose of the application will be to confirm a candidate’s eligibility and to describe the candidate’s platform.

Section 3: The USA IFC Advisor will confirm the eligibility of all candidates prior to speeches. Copies of the applications of eligible candidates will be distributed at the meeting where speeches occur to each member organization for their review.

Section 4: Only candidates that have been confirmed as eligible will be allowed to give a speech.

Section 5: In the event of a tie, the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes shall be the only nominees eligible for election. If a tie still occurs after another voting session, each nominee’s respective Fraternity will be withheld from voting. If a tie still is produced, the USA IFC President shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 6: The Order of Election shall be as follows: President, Vice President Judicial, Vice President of Recruitment, Vice President of Education, Secretary, Treasurer, and Philanthropy Chair.

Section 7: The newly elected Interfraternity Council President shall appoint the Member-At-Large.

Section 8: If a candidate for a USA IFC Executive Council loses his respective election, he may then drop down to run for any other USA IFC Executive Office.

Section 9: USA IFC Executive Officers are not allowed to vote.

Section 10: A Candidate for an Interfraternity Council Executive Office must be present in the meeting when the election is held to win.

Section 11: All executive Officer must be able to attend the regularly scheduled Interfraternity Council meetings held biweekly.


Section 1: The President shall:

Section 1a: Serve as Chair Person of the Executive Board; preside at all general body and Executive Board meetings of USA IFC; approve all vouchers for expenditure of the budgeted funds; and perform all the duties which are usually executed by the chief officer. Uphold the constitution, bylaws, and any other policies of the USA IFC or Office of Greek Life.

Section 1b: Establish committees and make appointments as required to carry out the business of the council.

Section 1c: Represent IFC on University committees, and at events and/or meetings as requested.

Section 1d: Represent the Council at all civic and social functions or when the Council is called upon by other organizations for representation.

Section 1e: Delegate administrative duties to the Executive Officers and maintain close contact with them and any Committee Chairman of the Interfraternity Council in order to coordinate and organize the projects and business of the Interfraternity Council.

Section 1f: Recommend the removal of any Executive Officer or Committee Chairman for failure to discharge his responsibilities

Section 2: The Vice President Judicial shall:

Section 2a: Assist the President in the performance of duties and preside during the absence of the President.

Section 2b: Oversee and serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2c: Serve as Chair Person of the Greek Board of Magistrates.

Section 3: The Vice President of Recruitment shall:

Section 3a: Meet two (2) times a semester with the Recruitment Chairman of each member fraternity to discuss new recruitment guidelines and ideas.

Section 3b: Plan, organize, and supervise the membership Recruitment program of the Interfraternity Council on behalf of all member fraternities.

Section 3c: Serve as Chair Person of the Recruitment Committee and preside of all Recruitment Committee meetings.

Section 3d: Inform all member fraternities of the current recruitment rules and Vice President

Section 4: The Vice President of Education shall:

Section 4a: Plan, Organize, and supervise all educational programs endorsed or planned through the USA IFC.

Section 4b: Assist in the enforcement of all academic regulations.

Section 4c: Hold Roundtables once a month on educational topics in conjunction with the Scholarship and Community Relations Chairs from the Panhellenic Council.

Section 5: The Secretary shall:

Section 5a: Record the minutes of all meetings and send a copy of said minutes to the IFC Advisor, and to each member organization’s delegate prior to the next meeting of the Council.

Section 5b: Maintain a permanent record of the minutes from each meeting as well as an updated file which will include a copy of the current IFC Constitution, Bylaws, policies, procedures, current budget, and current IFC calendar to be distributed to each chapter and the Office of Greek Life.

Section 5c: Be responsible for official correspondence of the North-American Interfraternity Conference unless provided otherwise.

Section 6: The Treasurer shall:

Section 6a: Receive all monies and deposit same, issue checks for the expenditure of all funds upon receipt of vouchers properly executed; and maintain accurate records of the receipts and expenditure of council monies.

Section 6b: Be responsible for setting due dates for which funds owed by the member organizations are due to the council.

Section 6c: Be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget.

Section 6d: Maintain an up-to-date financial report.

Section 7: The Member-At-Large shall:

Section 7a: Be responsible for assisting the presiding officer in conducting meetings by maintaining decorum and order, interpreting the Constitution and Bylaws, and is charged with seeing that Robert’s Rules of Order is correctly followed.

Section 7b: Serve as a liaison between the Panhellenic and NPHC Communities.

Section 7c: Plan and assist in the training of facilitators for the USA IFC New Member Retreat.

Section 7d: Be responsible for the branding of the Interfraternity Council at the University of South Alabama.

Section 7d: Be responsible for regular review and update of the USA IFC website and social media accounts.

Section 8: The Philanthropy Chairman shall:

Section 8a: Meet two (2) times a semester with the Chapter Philanthropy Chairman of each member fraternity to discuss ideas for community engagement.

Section 8b: Plan, organize, and supervise the USA IFC community service project and philanthropy project each semester.

Section 8c: Serve as Chair Person for all university affiliated philanthropy or community service projects.


Section 1: The Executive Board shall be required to hold a biweekly Executive Board meeting at a time to be agreed upon by the officers and the IFC Advisor.

Section 2: Each Executive Board officer shall be required to complete a minimum of two (2) office hour weekly at the IFC Workroom in the Office of Greek Life.

Section 3: Each Executive Board officer shall be required to complete a minimum of one (1) Southeastern Interfraternity Conference Awards and Assessment application prior to the end of their term.

Section 4: Executive Board officers shall be required to attend the Council Officer Retreat, Chapter Officer Retreat and other Office of Greek Life events unless otherwise excused by the IFC Advisor.

Section 5: Executive Board officers shall be required to attend the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference unless otherwise excused by the IFC Advisor.

Section 6: The Executive Board is responsible for conducting all routine business of USA IFC between general body meetings and during University breaks.


Section 1: Officers facing removal from office, unless removal is based upon failure to continue to meet the academic standards of the council and/or failure to remain in good standing (academically, financially and judicially) with their inter/national organization, will be sent to the Greek Board of Magistrates.

Section 2: Charges must be submitted in writing to the Interfraternity Council Vice President Judicial and a copy of the charges must also be given to the USA IFC Advisor.


Section 1: Member organizations failing to achieve a minimum of a 2.5 GPA per semester shall be placed on academic probation by USA IFC.

Section 2: Academic probation shall be defined as follows:

Section 2a: Chapters on academic probation will be required to log study hours on a weekly basis. Five (5) study hours per member will be required. Study hours will occur in an agreed upon location between the member organization and the USA IFC Advisor.

Section 2b: Chapters on academic probation that seek to host events of any kind must submit their event plans to the Coordinator of Greek Life, Vice President Judicial, and Two other USA IFC Executive Board members. They will be tasked with approving or rejecting event requests.


Section 1a: Philanthropy calendar dates must be submitted via Philanthropy Registration Event Form to the Office of Greek Life one (1) month prior to the event happening.

Section 1b: Dates will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Section 2: Social Event Registration Forms are due to the Greek Life Office 3 weeks in advance.