Jag Intervention & Recovery

About The Program

Jag Intervention & Recovery is a program available to assist students who have concerns about their use of alcohol or other drugs. The mission of Jag I&R is to provide a non-judgmental space where students can explore their relationship with substance use, increase their awareness of the potential impacts of substance use, and receive purposeful support in their efforts to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. This program is designed to meet students wherever they might be in their relationship with alcohol or other drugs, whether they have already decided they want to make a change or if they are just beginning to question the role these substances play in their lives. We affirm the autonomy of students to make their own choices, and we believe that students who are well-informed and supported are capable of making changes that benefit their holistic well-being.


Jag I&R services are confidential, free, and available to all currently enrolled USA students. They include the following:

Substance Use Assessment:  This is where your Jag I&R experience begins. Our assessment process consists of two individual counseling sessions with a University Counseling & Wellness Center staff member. During the first session, we will engage in an assessment of your current substance use and screen for mental health issues that sometimes contribute to substance use problems, such as depression and anxiety. When you return the following week for your second session, we will review the results of your assessment, provide you with personalized feedback, and assist you in planning for any changes that you would like to make with your substance use. We encourage students to set their own goals for making changes, with goals ranging anywhere from complete abstinence to healthier or more responsible levels of use.

“Making Changes” Support Group:  Making changes can be hard! Especially in the college environment, where there are so many pressures that can contribute to substance use. This is a group available to students who want additional support as they continue the process of making changes in their substance use habits. Under the guidance of a University Counseling & Wellness Center staff member, this group provides you with a safe space to form supportive relationships with other students with similar concerns, develop new ways of coping, deal with setbacks, and stay on the path to wellness. This group meets once per week for 60 minutes. (Please note that this is NOT a 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Students who would like to find a 12-step group in the area can consult with Jag I&R for assistance.)

Referral Services: During the assessment process, we may determine that you could benefit from additional mental health treatment or more intensive substance use treatment. Students showing signs of a possible mental health diagnosis contributing to their substance use are typically referred for further assistance at the University Counseling & Wellness Center. Students displaying more severe substance use symptoms that require intensive treatment beyond the scope of the Jag I&R program (such as detox, inpatient rehabilitation, and medication assisted treatment) will be referred to off-campus treatment providers. Referrals represent our recommendations for the most appropriate form of treatment; however, all referrals are voluntary and the choice to follow up on them is yours. Jag I&R can assist students in connecting with both on- and off-campus referrals.

For USA Faculty & Staff

It is the position of Jag I&R that mandated treatment is rarely the most helpful form of treatment for college students with substance use problems. If you know a student who is struggling with alcohol or drug use, we encourage you to make them aware of Jag I&R services as an option for addressing those issues; however, we would not recommend that mandatory participation be included as part of any form of remediation plan. We are happy to consult with faculty and staff regarding questions or concerns you might have about substance use on campus. We are also available to provide educational presentations to increase students’ knowledge of alcohol and drug issues and promote healthy, informed decision-making. Please feel free to contact us at the number below to schedule a consultation or presentation.

Contact Us

We are located within the University Counseling & Wellness Center at 300 Student Center Circle. If you are interested in our services, please call us at (251) 460-7051 and ask to schedule an appointment with Jag I&R.