IFC What to Expect

IFC in the Student Center

Summer and Orientation Sessions (Pre-Recruitment Activities)

Fraternity Recruitment begins with building relationships during the summer by providing you with the opportunity to meet many new people, including fellow students and fraternity men. Our summer orientation sessions offer you a chance to learn about fraternity life and provide your information for formal recruitment which takes place in the fall after classes start. 

Receiving a bid from a chapter is not allowed in the summer or during orientation session visits.  Accepting a bid during the summer or orientation sessions can forfeit your participation in Fall Recruitment which will result in you not being able to participate until spring informal recruitment.  

Formal Fall Recruitment 

Formal Recruitment begins in the fall with Fraternity Orientation and Open House events. Here you will have another opportunity to speak with members of each fraternity and learn more about their organizations. Fraternity Orientation is mandatory to participate in the Fall Recruitment process. Visit the recruitment schedule to see the dates, times and locations for each night.  

If the chapter chooses you as someone they would like to have as part of their organization, they will offer you an official “bid” to join. Bidding will begin on the day after the last event.   If you receive a bid, it is up to you to determine whether or not you wish to accept it. You can receive bids from multiple houses but you will have to decide which chapter you would most like to join. When accepting a bid, the fraternity will have you sign their bid card. At that time you will then be considered a new member of that fraternity.

Suggested attire for all recruitment events is casual.