Upperclassmen, Transfers, & Graduates Assignments

Student smiling in front of dorms


We are so excited to be a part of your journey here at South! Below you will find key dates and information on receiving a room assignment. 

Upperclassmen, Transfers, and Graduates

Academic Year 2021-2022 Assignment Timeline

Room Assignments for Transfer Students

Room Selection for Transfer Students:  May 17th – May 19th

Transfer students who complete their Housing contract by May 11 will participate in room selection.  Room selection priority is based on the completed date of the contract. 

Students will receive details by email to their JagMail.

All transfer, upperclassmen and graduate students who complete the Housing contract after May 11 will be assigned by Housing bi-weekly beginning May 28 and weekly beginning July 9.

Room Swap (Room Change Prior to Move In) Period

Participate in a room swap period online via MyUSAHousing. Participation will be based on date of contract completion.

General Room Swap ALL STUDENTS:  June 14th – June 24th

All buildings will be available for Room Swap except for the Fraternity/Sorority buildings.


Payments & Deadlines: Visit USA's Academic Calendar to learn the payment deadlines for all University charges including housing and meals.