Operation Identification


What is Operation I.D.?

Operation ID is a nation-wide program designed to discourage theft of valuables from your residence. The identifying marks enable the police to contact and return stolen merchandise to the rightful owner. Operation ID has dramatically reduced crime in communities where the majority of residents have joined the program.

Operation ID reduces the profit of crime, because burglars steal valuables for resale. If you mark all items with permanent identification numbers, the burglar will be unable to sell them through legitimate means. If a criminal knows all valuables in your residence are marked, he will look for an easier and more profitable victim.

What should be marked?

All items of value:
Gaming Systems 

Jewelry, antiques, and heirlooms are items that can not be engraved. Instead, take close-up photographs or videotape these items.

How do you join Operation ID? ( View PDF Form ) 

Download and print the Property Identification/Inventory Form. Fill out the form and make several copies. Keep one copy with you and store the other copy(s) at another location, perhaps with a parent, relative or trusted friend. You can also fill the form out on your computer and keep a copy there. The University Police Department DOES NOT keep a copy of the inventory forms.

Additionally you can follow this link to enter and store the serial numbers of your property on the ReportIt website. The service is internet based and free of charge.  This is the easiest and most convenient way to record all your property serial numbers.

You can also checkout an engraver to mark your property in a more personal way. If you need assistance with engraving or with any other aspect of Operation ID, you may make an appointment with the University Police Department and someone will come out to your residence and assist you. For more information or assistance, contact contact the Administrative Office during normal business hours at (251) 460-6611.

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