USA Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee

The University of South Alabama's Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee, with representatives from throughout the University, meets on a regular basis to review and refine the elements of the USA Brand, to discuss opportunities and issues related to marketing and communications, and to provide input on the marketing and communications needs of the University community.

The Advisory Committee began meeting in May 2015 and was the steering group responsible for researching, reviewing, deciding upon and implementing the elements of the USA Brand and the Brand Guidelines contained on this website.

The Committee’s core functions are:

  • To develop, implement and sustain the plan and processes to integrate the Marketing and Communications functions of the University.
  • To create campus consensus about the University of South Alabama brand.
  • To provide resources and accountability for a consistent and effective presentation of the University’s identity.
  • To act as the University of South Alabama's Brand Ambassadors.

In its oversight of the branding process, the Advisory Committee examined the University’s institutional image and reputation, messages, visual identity and marketing communications to ensure they are consistent and of the highest quality. The Committee then planned the strategies for USA to successfully manage its marketing and communications functions.

The continuing responsibilities of the Advisory Committee members are to bring forward and communicate to the Office of Marketing and Communications information, questions and issues from the areas they represent, and to be responsible for informing those in the areas they represent about how to use the University’s brand standards to achieve consistent implementation and quality of marketing initiatives.

For questions about the committee, please email Michael Haskins, Executive Director for Marketing and Communications, at


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March 13, 2018
October 26, 2017
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March 9, 2017

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