University Mass Email Procedures

University of South Alabama faculty, staff and students may use the University-wide mass email system to communicate official University business with the University community. The Office of Marketing and Communications reviews and distributes all mass emails submitted during regular business hours. Emails should be sent to the appropriate mass email system address a minimum of two business days before the desired distribution date.  

University mass email messages are distributed once each weekday evening through the Daily Digest. Employees and students who prefer to receive individual email messages which will arrive at varying times of day may opt out of the Daily Digest at Emails addressing issues of safety and other high priority items will still be sent individually regardless of your Daily Digest setting.  

Emails to the Daily Digest system are processed for same-day distribution if they are received by 3 p.m. Emails received after 3 p.m. will appear in the next day’s digest.

Important Points:

  1. Type the exact address for each list you wish to email, and type a brief, meaningful subject in the “Subject” block.
  2. Type your message in the “Message” block exactly as you want it to appear. Do not include personal notes such as “Please post this…”
  3. There is a two message limit for programs and events — please plan accordingly. Extra messages will not be sent.
  4. The University-wide email system is designed to use HTML formatting. However, messages composed in word processing (such as Microsoft Word) or other applications outside an email program may contain extraneous characters that are not processed correctly by email programs. To ensure proper formatting, avoid cutting and pasting directly from word processing applications. Instead, first paste your message into Notepad (or some other text-only editing package) and then copy or cut the text from Notepad and paste it into the email message block.
  5. Ensure that all pertinent information (who, what, when, where, contact phone/email, etc.) is included in your message, and send the message using the email account you want readers to reply to (or specifically denote a reply-to address).
  6. Emails may not be used to promote non-USA affiliated events.
  7. Emails that include surveys must first be sent to for review. You will be notified when a survey has been approved.
  8. Do not include attachments. Please include all information in the body of the email, or you can include a link (URL) to a University of South Alabama web page. The link should be in the following form: http://servername/filepathname. If you place the link at the end of a sentence, please include a space before the trailing period to prevent readers from interpreting the period as part of the link. If you need assistance with a Web page, contact Web Services at (251) 460-6161.
  9. Carefully proofread your message for errors before sending.
  10. You will receive a return email message confirming receipt of your email.

If you have questions, please call the Office of Marketing and Communications at (251) 460-6211.

Emails can be sent to the following lists by using the corresponding addresses: (Note: Please continue to use the “usouthal” domain name as listed below.)

General Lists:
All faculty and staff
Faculty only
Faculty/staff except hospitals
All non-faculty except hospitals and COM
Non-medical faculty only
All faculty/staff except medical residents
Enrolled students
USA Health Lists:
Allied Health faculty
Allied Health faculty and staff
Children's and Women's staff
Division of Health Sciences (Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, & Allied Health Professions)
All hospital employees
All MCI employees
MCI faculty
College of Medicine (COM)
COM faculty only
COM physicians only
COM residents
COM basic scientists
College of Nursing