International Shipping Export License Review Worksheet


In order to determine if an export license, Technical Assistance Agreement, or other formal agreement will be required for your activity*, please provide the following information. The information will be used to classify your item to determine what restrictions may apply and to ensure that none of your collaborators, vendors or end-users are on any of the denied entities list maintained by the US government.

*“Exports” include both physical exports of commodities, technical data, or software out of the United States as well as disclosure or transfer of technical data to a foreign person, whether in the U.S. or abroad.
**An item can include commodities, software, and technology.
***For example, if you are exporting an item to a collaborator in Ireland, and that collaborator then exports it to Canada, both the Irish and Canadian recipients should be listed for question 2 and 3.
****In order to screen against the various denied entities lists, the name of both the institution and the individual receiving the export must be provided.

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