RCR training is vital to the University’s mission to ensure that faculty and students are prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct work professionally and with integrity.  

CITI Online Training Instructions 

Click HERE and log in via the blue "LOG IN" button and proceed to Log In if you already have an CITI Program account.          

If you do not have an account click HERE and log in via the blue "LOG IN" button and then click "REGISTER" and chose "University of South Alabama" for your Organization Affiliation. Next click both boxes that you agree and then choose "Continue To Create Your CITI Program Username/Password". 

To add a new course:
* After you log in you will see the Main Menu
* Click "Add a Course"
* Question 1, check "Responsible Conduct of Research" and then click "Next"
* For question 5, check "Faculty/Staff" or "Student" and then click "Next"
* For question 6, check the box that best describes your research and then click "Next'                                                           * * You will then be ready to begin your CITI Program online training


NIH Guidelines for Instruction in RCR

Investigators and trainees of specific NIH grant awards must receive instruction in the responsible conduct of research. Designated NIH training grant applications must include a description of the plan to provide trainees with formal and informal instruction on scientific integrity and ethical principles in research. Plans for RCR instruction must address the subject matter, format, degree of faculty participation, trainee attendance, and the frequency of instruction.

For purposes of proposal development, template language has been created for use in outlining RCR training on campus.