Archived Foreign Influence News Articles

4/23/21:    Southern Illinois Professor Charged With Concealing China Ties

2/5/21:      Florida Professor Charged With Concealing China Ties From NIH

1/15/21:    MIT Professor Arrested on Charges of Grant Fraud

11/12/20:  University Researcher Pleads Guilty to Lying on Grant Applications to Develop Scientific Expertise for China

7/7/20:      NSF reveals first details on foreign influence investigations

6/16/20:    NIH's Ongoing Investigation Has Swept Up 54 Scientists Who Violated Rules About Foreign Ties

6/12/20:    54 scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties

5/16/20:    Former Cleveland Clinic Researcher Allegedly Failed To Disclose Ties To China

5/11/20:    Arkansas Professor Accused of Not Disclosing Ties to China

3/25/20:    The China Initiative Heads to School

3/12/20:    Universities Forging Ties with the FBI as US Cracks Down on Foreign Influence

3/11/20:    Another Academic Ensnared in Chinese Recruitment Program

2/27/20:    UT Researcher Charged with Wire Fraud, Making False Statements about Relationship with Chinese University

2/26/20:    DOJ Announces FCA Settlement with NIH-Funded Institute re: Disclosure of Foreign Influence in Research

2/23/20:    Intelligence:  China Does Harvard

7/2/19:      UCLA Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering found guilty and faces 219 years in federal prison for conspiring to export semiconductor chips with military applications to China

11/23/16:  Dubious conferences put the 'pose' in 'symposium'