Inter-Campus Mail

Approximately one third of the items entering the total University system are inter-campus mail. This mail does not require stamps since it does not enter the Federal Postal stream because its destination is another University office. Inter-campus mail must be separated from outgoing mail and all on campus student boxes must be placed in numerical order. All inter-campus mail must be sealed or taped.

Specially designed envelopes have been prepared for inter-office mail. These afford both efficiency and economy. Note that the total address, including the person's name, a department name and location must be on all inter-campus mail to insure proper delivery.

Political circulars, commercial advertising, advertising of encyclopedias and other education-related commercial activities are forbidden in inter-campus mail. Inter-campus mail is intended to cover internal communications vital to the on-going University. Inter-campus mail is to be placed in the campus mail envelopes only. Employees are not to use the mail system to send or receive personal mail per Section 5.3 of the Staff Employee Handbook.

Departmental mail pickup and delivery service is provided by means of an established route. The campus mail room will process all departmental mail, domestic and foreign, except C.O.D. which must be handled with any U.S. Post Office.