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Posted on March 10, 2017 by Webmaster

Non-distinguishable Links data-lightbox='featured'

"Error occurs when same text is used for links pointing to different destinations."



For instance an error will occur if the text "Admissions" is used twice on your webpage and it is linked to different destinations.   Here is how that can happen:

First "Admissions" link is pointing to Office Admissions root directory at:

While the second "Admissions" link is pointing to the index.html file at:

Although they are going to the same location, some reader applications will treat the links as pointing to a different destinations.  


How to fix the error:

  1. Always make sure to create links using Ou dependency tags pointing to the destination websites root directory instead of pointing directly to the index file.
  2. If you are linking to separate destination sources then make sure internet users utilizing a screen reader can distinguish between the links by doing on of the following:

    1. Link text is unique.  For example "Undergraduate Admissions" & "Graduate Admissions" instead of "Admissions.
    2. Using aria-label* attribute to place a descriptive text label on your link object.  
    3. In addition to using aria-label make sure your link title is using a unique value. 

* What is aria-label?
   aria-label helps readers override the text supplied within the link.

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