Webmaster Agreement

"A Webmaster will maintain a USA Unit's (see USA Web Policies for definitions) information on the USA Web Server, serve as liaison to the University Webmaster and serve as a contact point for the USA and Internet community."

Webmasters are requested to perform the following functions:

  • Coordinate within their organization the gathering of information for Internet/intranet publication
  • Coordinate with the USA Webmaster concerning the organization's website
  • Review and comply with the USA Web Policies and Web Publishing Procedures
  • Prepare the information for publishing on the Internet /intranet
  • Serve as a contact point via e-mail for inquiries from the USA and Internet community
  • Maintain the organization's website to provide timely and up-to-date information
  • Ensure all links on the site are live and tested
  • Check pages for spelling errors prior to publishing on the web
  • Ensure all pages meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA standards -- this includes pages published via the CMS or documents/PDFs linked to a published page

Content Management

In transitioning to the content management system and the revised USA home page design, an underlying goal for the University’s website was to create a more uniform, professional look for all pages.  To help users in development of their pages, templates, assets and snippets have been designed and are available in the University’s content management system.  Each of these tools has been tested and is mobile responsive for display of the content in a user-friendly format on tablets and phones.  The Webmaster should utilize these tools to develop pages for the organizational unit.  When editing assets, the webmaster should work with Web Services if different functionality is needed to ensure compatibility.  Please note that if content is not mobile responsive or does not display correctly, Web Services reserves the right to remove it from the University website.

It is very important that one individual in each USA Unit be responsible for its information. If a user notices incorrect information on a web page, an incorrect link, or has a suggestion for other information that might be useful, the user should be able to e-mail the designated person to make the correction or consider the suggestion.

Requesting a Site

A website can be created for any official university unit.  This includes academic and administrative departments as well as officially sanctioned organizations.

In order to request a site, please print one of the forms listed below:

Adobe PDF Request a New Website (Content Management System)*

  Request access to Legacy Site via FTP  (Non-CMS) -- Contact Web Services

* Note:  You will also need to complete a form to Assign a New Webmaster.

Requesting/Changing Webmaster Access

After you request your site, obtain a Webmaster account for the individual responsible for developing and maintaining site content.  The webmaster request must be approved by the department chair or dean.  To complete a request to add or change Webmaster, download and complete the form below.

Adobe PDF Assign a New Webmaster (Content Management System)*     

* Note:  Use this form to add initial webmaster for your site or to add secondary webmaster.

If you are replacing an existing webmaster, you should complete a form to Remove Personnel

Request to Remove Personnel

When you need to change the webmaster or remove any authorized web personnel from your site, download and complete the form below.

Adobe PDF Remove Personnel (Content Management System)  


Request Access for Additional Personnel

To add a backup user or assistant to the site’s webmaster, you can request additional access.  It is recommended that each site have two authorized users.  Additional users require special permission from Web Services, and your department may be charged annually for the additional license fee.  The personnel request must be approved by the site webmaster.  To complete a request to add or change personnel, download and complete the form below.

Adobe PDF Add a New Web Personnel (Content Management System)  

There are three different access levels a web user can be assigned – Webmaster, Editor, Reviewer.

  • The Webmaster has full authorization to add, edit, publish and delete pages in your site.  The Webmaster can also add assets or snippets and may be able to edit source code for some of the high-level editing of page content, properties or navigation. Web Services recommends that the person assigned as the Webmaster has a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • An Editor can create pages, edit content and publish but must turn to the Webmaster for assistance when source code editing is required. 

  • The Reviewer is one who checks the page content and navigation to ensure that the content and flow is correct.  This individual rarely needs to edit the pages in the content management. 

Submit Forms for Processing

Fill in the requested information, obtain the necessary signatures, make a copy for your files and mail, email or FAX the completed form to:


             Web Services               
             University of South Alabama        
             Computer Services Center   
             Mobile, AL 36688
             (251) 460-6161

             Email:  webmaster@southalabama.edu
             FAX:  6-7844

Training and Notification of New Login Credentials

Once credentials are established for a new user, the USA Webmaster will contact the new user and schedule training.  Along with an introduction to WYSIWYG interface for the content management system, the USA Web Server account I.D., password, directory location and other pertinent information will be provided to the new user.