FTP Publishing


Most of the USA pages on www.southalabama.edu are maintained through the Omni Content Management System (CMS).  Direct FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access currently remains in place for some legacy sites, such as personal faculty pages as they transition to alternative web publishing platforms, and where needed for specialized applications supplementing the CMS.

FTP access is not automatically available. Individual account authorizations need to be configured by Web Services. Users who believe they have a need for FTP access should contact Web Services to review available options.

There are a number of free or low-cost ftp clients that are known to work with the wwwftp system. The minimum requirement is support of "SFTP", also known as "SSH File Transfer Protocol", or "Secure Shell File Transfer Package".  

Web Services uses and can provide assistance for the no-cost Filezilla package,  which is available in both Macintosh and Windows versions.

The configuration methods will vary by package, but the following are the settings required to access the www.southalabama.edu server:

Host or server name:
wwwftp.southalabama.edu (do not use "southalabama.edu" or "www.southalabama.edu")
This can either be your University issued J number or your "JagNet ID", which is the username to the left of your email address.
This will be the same as your JagNet password. (Learn more about JagNet).

When connecting to wwwftp.southalabama.edu for the first time, your client will ask you to approve a fingerprint. The wwwftp server supports multiple encryption ciphers; which finger you see depends on the cipher(s) your client supports.

If you wish, you may compare the fingerprints presented by your client to the ones listed below.  Your client will probably display these as SHA256 or MD5 hashes, or both forms. These are the valid current fingerprints for wwwftp. These are dynamically retrieved for this page:

MD5:1b:2e:84:3a:e3:11:22:13:c7:53:d8:df:84:20:68:69 (ECDSA)
MD5:65:78:73:03:e2:bb:51:f5:b4:b9:a7:5d:ee:3f:b4:42 (RSA)
MD5:da:c6:65:2d:1f:29:5c:dc:7d:f2:6a:80:3d:3a:84:02 (ED25519)
SHA256:zhaPpjFozhCJiKzWOsNtPId0pVthFRS38AxcgqJAuKQ (RSA)
SHA256:Ieap/kOxsb8Y11uzQNnXzTMRYJsVc7//9JYtmzKeaxA (ED25519)