JagNet vs. JagMail

What is JagNet?

JagNet is the authentication system used to access JagMail and many other University services, including USAonline (Sakai),  and now PAWS. and Banner.

Do I have a JagNet account?

Students and ALL currently employed University faculty and staff (including USA Health system employees) are assigned JagNet accounts.

What is JagMail?

JagMail is the University email system for students (@jagmail.southalabama.edu) and General Division faculty and staff (@southalabama.edu). It is a customized version of Google Mail. JagMail uses JagNet for authentication.  USA Health system employees use a different email system (@health.southalabama.edu) that is not part of JagNet.

How can I activate my JagNet and/or JagMail account?

Go to the JagNet activate page. Remember, you can always find them by going to the main University website. Look for "JagNet" in the upper right corner of the main page, and select "Help" from the pull-down.  

What is "Authentication"?

Authentication is the process in which a user provides credentials (at minimum, an account "name" or "user id" and password) which are then compared against a database to confirm that user's identity. Any time you "log in" to something you are proving, or "authenticating", that you are the appropriate owner of that particular account. 

In addition to JagNet, the University also has two Active Directory authentication systems used for internal desktop and network storage logins. These are not used for Internet-accessible systems. Students do not normally have accounts in these systems unless they are also employees (for example, Graduate and Student Assistants).