JagNet Account Activate


JagNet vs. JagMail: JagNet is the authentication system used to access JagMail, PAWS, Canvas, JagSpot, and many other University services. Students and ALL currently employed University faculty and staff are assigned JagNet accounts.


▼   When do I use this tool?
  • If you have not activated your JagNet account or are unable to log into PAWS, Canvas, or other University resources tied to JagNet, use the tool below. If you are unable to activate your JagNet account with this tool, you will be presented with additional options to recover your JagNet account.

  • If you are currently able to log into PAWS, JagSpot, or other University resources but are unable to access JagMail, you will need to change your JagNet password. To view your JagMail email address and reset your password, please visit https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/passwd.html

  • If you are a USA Health Systems employee and are unable to log into your JagNet account, please visit https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/jagnetforhealth.html and follow the provided instructions.

▼   JagNet Account Activate Tool