▼   What is Google Apps?
USA Google Apps includes Google Mail (JagMail), Google Calendar (calendaring), Google Talk (IM/chat), Google Docs (document, spreadsheet, and presentation applications), and Google Sites (websites).
▼   Why are we using Google Apps?
Like many other universities, USA selected Google Apps for Education to provide greater functionality and integration with our Learning Management System, Sakai, and other widely used instructional applications.
▼   What is JagMail?
JagMail is USA’s name for the email component of USA Google Apps for Education. It is the University’s official tool for communication between the University and you, the student. As a part of the Google Apps for Education Suite, JagMail will offer students an updated email solution with integrated communication and collaboration tools.
▼   What is a JagNet ID?
Your JagNet ID is the first part of your email address, up to but not including the @ symbol. For example, if your JagMail address is jzs1001@jagmail.southalabama.edu, your JagNet ID is jzs1001.
▼   What if I already have a Gmail account?
That is OK. You can retain your Google.com/Gmail account but you will also need a JagMail account as your ‘official’ University email account. Settings in JagMail will allow you to connect the two accounts so that all messages can be managed through one mailbox. You can also share calendars across the accounts if you choose. For example, you can share your personal Gmail calendar with your JagMail calendar and view both calendars at the same time.
▼   Can I have a more personalized email address than the one assigned by the University?
Your primary email address was set when your account was created and is the address you must use to log into your JagMail or Google Apps account. However, you could select an “email alias” if you want a more easily recognized name in your email address. For example, if your primary email address is jzs1001@jagmail. southalabama.edu you might want to send and receive email using the alias address, joe.student@jagmail.southalabama.edu. Google Apps will deliver email for both the primary and alias addresses to the same JagMail inbox.
▼   If I set up an alias, will this be reflected in Banner/PAWS?
No, Banner/PAWS will use your assigned email ID – in our example above the ID would be jzs1001@jagmail.southalabama.edu.
▼   How do I set my JagMail account so that outgoing messages will reflect my alias rather than my pre-defined JagNet ID as the email address?
To establish your alias as your outgoing email address, you need to set the Send mail as option to your alias email address.
▼   How can I forward my JagMail email to another email account?

Forwarding is permitted on student email accounts, but is disabled on employee email accounts.

The University cannot guarantee that all messages sent to your University JagMail account will be successfully forwarded to an external address. We therefore recommend using forwarding for convenience only, and periodically checking your University account so as not to miss items. 

We would suggest you consider making JagMail your "anchor" account, but if you want to forward your mail to another personal account, it's easy to setup. Log into your new JagMail account, click on the gear box in the upper right corner, and select "Mail Settings". You'll see an option for "Forwarding and IMAP/POP". Instructions are provided.

▼   Can I receive email in my JagMail account from other email accounts?
Google's Mail Fetcher can download messages from up to five other email accounts, centralizing all your email in JagMail. To find out how: visit Google's Get mail from other accounts web page: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en&rd=1 .
▼   I am having problems sending some files in my email messages. Are there restrictions on the file types that can be sent and received?
Google Apps doesn't allow sending or receiving executable (.exe) and some other types of file attachments.
Here is a list of file types you cannot send or receive?
"ade", "adp", "bat", "chm", "cmd", "com", "cpl", "dll", "exe", "hta", "ins", "isp", "jse", "lib", "mde", "msc", "msp", "mst", "pif", "scr", "sct", "shb", "sys", "vb", "vbe", "vbs", "vxd", "wsc", "wsf", "wsh"
For additional information regarding Synchronization issues with Google Apps Sync, see: https://support.google.com/a/answer/163644?hl=en  .

Using JagMail

▼   Can I access my JagMail with an external email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail.

Yes, the following email clients have been tested and are compatible with JagMail: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail. Most IMAP or POP3 email clients can read JagMail. For instructions on using email clients, select one of the links below:

▼   Which web browsers/versions can I use to access JagMail?
Not surprisingly, Google's Chrome browser provides the most integrated support for Google Apps. However, all recent versions of major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, can be used with Google Apps. Visit Google’s Supported Browsers page for specifics.
▼   How do I use Folders in JagMail? How can I organize my email?
"Labels" provide a similar function to Folders, but are a much more powerful tool. Select the Google Apps Learning Center on this page, expand the Gmail section, and select "Get Started".

Using JagMail Web View

▼   I need some help finding messages in my JagMail. Can you give me tips for more efficient searches?
Remember that you can search for messages containing a specific label such as “Inbox.” But when the message is no longer in the inbox, you can also search “All Mail” for additional results. Check out tips for using search operators to help you target specific messages more easily https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7190?hl=en
▼   I would like to print my calendar and only show events scheduled from 7 a.m. until midnight. I do not want the blanks area during the night to print.
From the calendar display, click Agenda and then use your browser print tool to print. This prints all the events for the designated date as a list of events.
▼   How can I set JagMail as my default mail client so that it opens when I click an email link?
Follow the steps outlined in the link below to set your JagMail (Gmail account) as the default for opening all email links:

▼   Can I create a signature in JagMail?

Yes, a signature can be configured and will be appended to all out-going messages. To set up a signature:

  • Click on the gear icon (located in the upper right corner of your inbox … the tooltip will say Settings when you hover over     it).
  • Select Settings from the dropdown.
  • Scroll to Signature block on the General Tab. Add the desired information for your signature using basic HTML formatting.     If you want your signature to appear immediately below your response in a reply or forwarded message, be sure to check     the box for “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies ….”
  • Save Changes. While you are there, click the link that reads Learn More.

Using Outlook

▼   What do I need to do to use Outlook to view and manage my JagMail email account?
Once you have activated your JagMail account and message migration is complete for all items you wish to access from GroupWise, you should Install Google Apps Sync for Microsoft. Click here for step-by-step instructions: https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/resources/GoogleAppsSyncForMicrosoftOutlook.pdf
▼   I am a new Outlook user. Do you have a Getting Started Guide?
Click on the link below to access the guide to Getting Started Using JagMail in Outlook. Here you will find a collection of useful links and explanations for using many of the basic features in Microsoft Outlook 2010.


▼   I just need help setting up and sharing my contact groups in Outlook.
If you frequently address messages to groups of contacts you may find it helpful to create contact groups that can be addressed rather than having to address all the associated individuals. If you created your contact groups in the JagMail Web Interface or migrated contacts from GroupWise, the individual contacts are visible in Outlook but may not be organized in groups. Because of this, you may decide to create your contact groups in the Outlook interface. Click on the following link for step-by-step instructions to make this organization easier: https://www.southalabama.edu/services/resources/CreatingandSharingGroupsinOutlook.pdf
▼   How do I share my calendar with another user?
Calendars can be shared between users with any type of Google account – we are not limited to addresses in our USA domains -- @jagmail.southalabama.edu or @southalabama.edu. These calendars can be viewed in the JagMail Web View or through Outlook. Check out tips on sharing calendars at … https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/resources/ShareCalendar.pdf
▼   What is the best way to send messages from another account to which I have full email access?
This sounds a little like delegated access to another account but is not quite the same. When you have full email access to an account and wish to view the messages from within your Outlook login, you should add the account as an IMAP account to your primary JagMail Outlook account. To do this, go to the link below, click the option, “I want to enable IMAP,” and follow the instructions. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7126229?hl=en&from=77689&rd=1  The benefit to using IMAP access rather than delegated access is that your sent messages appear to come directly from the IMAP account and are saved in the Sent Messages folder of that account. So for a shared departmental account or an account like a Help Desk account, this method of access may be preferred since messages sent for any user would appear in the same sent mail folder and would be accessible by anyone viewing the account.
▼   When sending messages from another account which I have added to my primary JagMail account in Outlook as an IMAP account, I see a duplicate message for each item I send in Sent Mail. How can I eliminate this.

Adjust account properties for the IMAP account.

  • Select the IMAP account in your navigation pane and right click
  • Select Account Properties
  • Account Settings
  • Select the IMAP account from the account list and click Change on the toolbar located above the list of accounts
  • Click More Settings button in the right corner of the dialogue box
  • Select Sent Items tab
  • Select option, Save sent items to server and select Sent mail folder
  • Then follow prompts to Next, Close, and Finish
  • Finally Close the dialogue box
▼   How do I set “Proxy Access” for my Account?
There is a new term for “Proxy Access” in the JagMail email system – this is “delegate.” Click this link to find out more about how to grant another user access to your email account. https://www.southalabama.edu/services/jagnet/resources/Proxy.pdf
▼   When I start to address an individual from my contacts, Outlook never finds the contact the first time. What if I don’t know the email address?
Outlook builds an “Auto-complete” list of contacts based on addresses in your messages. In the beginning, this list is blank and will not offer suggestions but will build quickly as you work.
You can easily locate an email address for an individual whose address is listed in the Global Address book or in any of your personal address books. Type the first or last name of the desired individual(s) in the address field and click Check Names located in the Names Group on the Message tab. Select the appropriate address from the list of displayed.
▼   Can I look up the email addresses of other employees in Outlook?
Yes. You have a Global Address Book which contains the email address of all employees with University issued email addresses. When you open the address book, select search more columns and select Global Address Book from the Address Book selection list. Then type all or part of the name or email address for an individual and click Go to locate the desired contact. The Outlook search will check the selected address book for matches in these fields: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Email Address.
▼   Is there a way to set the Global Address Book so that it opens by default when I go to my address book?
Yes. From the Outlook 2010 Home tab, select Address Book, Tools, Options, and configure the defaults for address book.
▼   How do I configure a Vacation Rule for Outlook?
In GroupWise we used rules to setup Out-of-Office notifications. For JagMail -- whether using the web interface or Outlook -- this is configured as a Vacation Responder. Click on the link below to see the step-by-step instructions

▼   I do not always see Forward and Reply status icons for individual messages in my Outlook inbox message panel. Why are these only there some of the time?
These icons will only show for activity you did on this computer in Outlook as a Google Apps Outlook user. For each device where you access your account using Outlook, a user profile is created. Activity from different Outlook profiles is not always synchronized and therefore is not reflected on all devices. For example, if you reply to a message from your laptop, the desktop PC in your office will show only that you opened the message but not that you replied.
▼   Why does a message appear in multiple folders in Outlook?
A message that has multiple labels in JagMail appears in each corresponding folder in Outlook. It therefore looks like there are multiple copies of the message in Outlook, and the size of your local mailbox (PST file) can appear larger as a result. However, there's only one copy of the message and deleting it from one folder deletes the message from all folders.
For additional information regarding Synchronization issues with Google Apps Sync, see: https://support.google.com/a/answer/163644?hl=en
▼   Drafts I save in Outlook don't sync to Gmail?
Drafts you create in Outlook are stored locally on your computer. Drafts stored in the JagMail web interface, however, are stored in Google and will be accessible in other web sessions and any of your Outlook sessions.
For additional information regarding Synchronization issues with Google Apps Sync, see: https://support.google.com/a/answer/163644?hl=en

Contact Groups

▼   Are contact groups created using Outlook or the web interface for JagMail available from my smart phone's address book?
No, these groups are not synced with the address book visible from your phone. However, Google groups created are available through the Global Address Book from your phone.

SmartDevice Access

▼   Can I view JagMail from my SmartPhone?
Yes, a variety of smart devices are supported and can be used to view JagMail, your Google Apps Email account. Go to https://support.google.com/mail/answer/8494 for generic installation instructions or choose from the list of devices below and view instructions customized for JagMail.
▼   How do I access JagMail from my iPad?
Configure the iPad built-in email using the same method as outlined for the iPhone.
▼   How do I access JagMail from my iPhone?

For information on iPad and iPhone connectivity select a link from the choices below based on your desired access of contacts and calendars:

▼   How do I access JagMail from my Android?
For information on connectivity of Android devices to see your JagMail email as well as any contacts or shared calendars, see: https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/1738362?hl=en&rd=1

Student Account Expiration

▼   If I leave school, will my JagMail account expire? What happens when I graduate?
Current University policy is to leave JagMail accounts active after graduation. However, this is not a guarantee of perpetual access, and terms and conditions may change. We recommend that you check your JagMail account at least once each 30 days.