Member Officer Major
Ryan Appleton   Psychology
Kevin Aria President Biomedical Sciences/Philosophy
Alexus Banks   Secondary Education / English
Danyon Beitel Treasurer Biomedical Sciences
Elizabeth Bemis   Music/ Vocal Performance
Samantha Borden   Business Management
Alexys Bush   Music Education / Clarinet Performance
Frances Clarke   Nursing
Joshua Crownover   Business Finance
Kelly Cruthirds   Accounting / Military Science
Taylor Davis   Political Science
Gabrielle Easterwood Communications Broadcast Journalism
Rohan Ghosh Social Chairman Biomedical Sciences
Parker Harrell   International Marketing
Elizabeth Hernandez   Biomedical Sciences
Owen Hicks   Accounting
Destin Hinkel   Music Education
Savannah Hoyt Scholarship Chemistry
Andy Hu   Biomedical Sciences
Zohaib Ijaz   Biomedical Sciences
Kevin Ingles   Mathematics & Physics
Benjamin Jackson   Chemistry/ Biology
Jared Johnson   Biomedical Sciences
Kara Kichler   Biomedical Sciences
Phiwat Klomkaew   Chemical Engineering
Kinsley Knapp Scholarship Nursing
Colton Knight   Biomedical Sciences
Malvika Lall Alumni Biomedical Sciences
Geri Langham Flower Sales Biomedical Sciences
Monica Lolley   Exercise Sciences
Marie McElyea   Biology / Sociology
Jocelyn Medina   Finance
Collin Miller Secretary Biomedical Sciences
Marlee Necaise Membership Chair Leisure Studies
Renu Pandit Top Prof Chair Biomedical Sciences
Juan Pardo Vice President Biomedical Sciences
Christopher Patrick   Information Technology
Zane Patterson   Biology/ Related Sciences
Genesis Perrymond   Biomedical Sciences
William Pope   Political Science
Anna Puckett Historian Exercise Science
Emily Ramsey Tshirts Biomedical Sciences
Pooja Revanna Tshirts Biomedical Sciences
William Riddick   Communications
Rachel Short   Speech and Hearing Science
Susan Sieja   Professional Health Management
Luke Smith   Mechanical Engineering
Jack Stephenson   Nursing / Military Science
Carl Thomas   Business Administration
Anna Van Derwood   English - Creative Writing
Zachary Weidlich   Political Science
Tyler White   Professional Health Science
Ashli Williams   Speech and Hearing Science
Sharon Williams   Human Resources
Shirley Zang Participation Biomedical Sciences