Master Special Events Calendar

We are developing a Master Special Events Calendar to announce events to the entire University community.

Please note that this calendar design is still a work in progress.

Calendar Homepage View


Homepage – We hope to showcase on our homepage four premium events that will highlight the diverse range of activities.




Calendar Splash Page View


Featured Events Page – This is our “splash page,” where we will feature a total of eight events that have broad appeal.




Calendar Description View


Events Detailed Description – For events featured on the homepage and splash page, we will require a short description of the activity which will appear as a pop-up box as depicted in this image.




Calendar Department View


Future Departmental Calendar view (additional options will be available) – Beyond this initial implementation, we will convert departmental calendars to mirror the branding reflected on our homepage and splash page. 




Huge thanks to Creative Director Diana Nichols for creating the calendar design; Ian Harbaugh, for providing the technical support for the Master Special Events Calendar; and Michael Haskins, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, for his leadership, guidance, and support.