Master Special Events Calendar

We have developed a Master Special Events Calendar to announce events to the entire University community.


Calendar Homepage View


Homepage – We showcase four premium events that highlight the diverse range of activities happening in the USA Academic and Health Systems.




Calendar Splash Page View


Featured Events Page – This is our “splash page,” where we feature a upcoming events that have broad appeal.




Calendar Description View


Event Detailed Description – For events featured on the homepage and splash page, we will require a short description & image of the activity which will appear as a pop-up box as depicted in this image.




Calendar Department View


Departmental Calendar view (additional options will be available) – We have converted several departmental calendars to mirror the branding reflected on our homepage and splash page. 




Huge thanks to Creative Director Diana Nichols for creating the calendar design; Ian Harbaugh, for providing the technical support for the Master Special Events Calendar; and Michael Haskins, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, for his leadership, guidance, and support.