Spectral Image Analysis - Example Code and Image Data


Example Image Data:

  • Spectral Image
    • Spectral Library
      • Note - this spectral library assumes that lumps 2 FRET labels together as one component in the library (e.g., it assumes that FRET in the image is at a constant energy transfer efficiency).  This is for simplicity / demonstration purposes only.

Automated Image Analysis of FRET Signals for Subcellular cAMP Quantification - Example Data

Note - images are 16-bit greyscale.

Supplemental resources for the Methods in Molecular Biology book chapter: Automated Image Analysis of FRET Signals for Subcellular cAMP Quantification.  Please cite the book chapter when referencing this work:

Silas J. Leavesley, Arie Nakhmani, Yi Gao, Thomas C. Rich. “Automated image analysis of FRET signals for subcellular cAMP quantification.” edited by Manuela Zaccolo. Vol. TBD. 1st ed. Methods in Molecular Biology. ISBN: 1627034587. Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, (In Press)

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