PT Graduating Class


If you are on Facebook, please request to join the "USAPT (Univ South Alabama) Physical Therapy Alumni" Facebook group, and Dr Fell will approve your request.  Then you'll be able to see the class composite photos for each graduating class that he added there!  Fun memories, and each person can scan and add photos to your class photo album.

FALL 2016

Lavon Beard (2003) is currently membership Chair of the Alabama Chapter of APTA, continuing to move forward, he completed his Masters in Health Administration degree from UAB in Summer 2016.

Alex Bell (2014) is enjoying his switch to home health in rural south Georgia.  Alex recently came to give a lecture to the DPT students on home health practice and tips for early professional development.

Erin Kinnear Byrd (2008) is now full-time lecturer in the Physiotherapy program at Plymouth University in England.

Holly Cauthen (2011) has her Emory certification in vestibular rehab and now works in outpatient PT at Vanderbilt in Nashville with a focus in Vestibular Rehab.  Dr Fell enjoyed catching up her as they volunteered at the Neurology Section Booth at the ATPA “NEXT” Conference in Nashville.

Doug Cole (2001) passed the specialist exam and received his OCS certification through ABPTS at CSM.

Tiffany Hill Greene (1999) valiantly stood up to breast cancer for several years, but passed from life on this earth 11/8/15 at 3:28 pm surrounded by family and friends.  Her PT classmates who knew her well said that through it all she continued to live life to its fullest. Prayers are appreciated for Wes and the rest of the family.

Denise Griffin (1986) has been a faculty member in the PTA Program at South College in Knoxville, TN since 2002.  It was good to catch up with her at the APTA “NEXT” conference in June.  She really enjoys the challenge of working with students!

Cade Hutto (2010) and his wife, Allison an occupational nurse practitioner, live in East TN. Cade is a regional Healthcare Services Manager with Brookdale Senior Living, where he directs outpatient PT, OT and ST for eight communities.  He was featured in a Fall 2015 video cameo for the company talking about his favorite patient “Rosie”.  You can see the cameo at and click on the “Our Associates” video link.

Alexis Clarkson Keating (2005) now lives and practices in Ireland.  She and hubby Robin welcomed their firstborn daughter Samhradh "Sam" Caroline Keating born on 8/17 @ 8:17pm weighing 7lbs, 12 ounces.

Christina Kilborn-Brunner  (2008) completed and passed the examination as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist through the Ola Grimsby Institute. They are really enjoying their little guy, Jaxon.

Jill Van Camp Lott (2001) successfully complete the Herdman Vestibular course/certification in 2015! She has now partnered with an OT, and opened a clinic in Fairhope! She is focusing on vestibular rehab, and the OT in lymphedema management.

Kristina Lynn McGehee (2000) passed the specialist exam and received her OCS certification through ABPTS at CSM.

Lisa Munson (1999) in Oct 2015 became a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, with Level 1 training in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (Hippotherapy).

Alicia Ponsock (2010) works for Audubon Home Health. She stepped down from almost 4 years as clinical director after her second child was born (they have a 3.5 yo son and 13 month old daughter) to home health and its flexibility.  Quote from Alicia “I have much more family time so it has been a win win!”

Mason Reid (2003) passed the specialist exam and received her NCS certification through ABPTS at CSM.

Jonathan Shaw (2007) has been practicing PT since graduation.  He has now taken a position at NFANT Labs in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, and started a medical device company that is developing ultrasound guided tools for Tendinopathy procedures that are performable in office settings.

Howie Tapley (1991) is Department Chair at the developing DPT program at Indiana State University.  Howie is one of fifteen individuals who just completed the APTA Education Leadership Institute (ELI) Fellowship.

Karl von Tiesenhausen (1999) passed the specialist exam and received his OCS certification through ABPTS at CSM.

Beth Cochrane Wilke (1987) is Director of Rehabilitation at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, at HCA hospital in Panama City, FL.  Their daughter Brooke just graduated from FSU and will be pursuing a physical therapy degree.

FALL 2015

Lavon Beard (2003) is now active on the Chapter Council of ALAPTA, serving as APTA Membership Chair for the State!  Every PT and PTA should be a member because of the ongoing support and protection that APTA provides for our practice!

Andrew Bennett (1999) was selected as the 2015 inductee into the USA College of Allied Health Professions Alumni Hall of Fame.  Andrew and Heather (also class of 1999) traveled to campus from their home in San Antonio to give a special inspirational lecture to the DPT students and then accepted his award at the College Banquet that night.

Robbie Bolton (2005) was awarded certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2014.  He is owner of Elite PT and Sports Medicine, a booming sports med clinic in Baton Rouge LA, working with high school, college, and professional athletes, particularly with shoulder/elbow problems.  Even the N.O. Saints come marching in.

Erin Black Byrd (2008) was recognized as Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2015.

Brandon Cloud (2005) was recognized as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2015.

Doug Cole (2001) has been very active with the Alabama state chapter of APTA, serving as the ALPTPac Chair.  He also just passed the exam to be recognized by ABPTS as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Eric Dekle (1994) completed his term as Chair of the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy.  Eric also just opened his own outpatient clinic on Cottage Hill Rd with a focus on balance and vestibular intervention.

Jeremy Fletcher (2010) was recognized as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2015. Jeremy joined the USAPT faculty in August 2015 as Asst Professor.

Cassie Gibson (2011) was awarded certification as Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2014.

David Greer II (2011) was recognized as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2015, and is now teaching some labs in our PT program as an adjunct instructor.

Rev. Robert Murphy (1999) S.J., D.P.T., A.T.C. is serving as the chaplain to the Medical School and College of Allied Health at Saint Louis University and coordinator of the University's Retreat program. 

Leslie Stevens Nicholas (1993) moved to Auburn, AL 4 years ago after working in Florence AL for about 15 years, now working in a rural hospital outpatient department.  She and Steve have 3 beautiful girls, Alexandra (now a sophomore in College), Molly and Lauren both High School. Even though she lives in Auburn, her email still said “Roll Tide!” 

Brittney Paisley (2009) was recognized as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2015.

Adam Ridgdell (2008) was awarded certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2014.

Laura Lei-Rivera (2008) was awarded certification as Geriatric Clinical Specialist (GCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2014.

Mason Reid (2003) has passed the specialty exam as an ABPTS Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS)!

Tim C Sirmon (2008) was awarded certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties at APTA CSM2014.

FALL 2014

Alina Adams (1991) was appointed by the Alabama Governor to a term as a member of the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy through 10/2017. In her 20 years at Wallace State Community College, she is program director for the PTA & Therapeutic Massage programs.  She and husband Oran love to travel, including 6 weeks last Summer in Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.

Eddie Adams (1998) recently switched to part-time as a PT and full time as a Chaplain.  Eddie and Dedra, with Noah and Caleb, are fulfilling a dream that God placed on Eddie’s heart to develop the ministry-based “Fishers of Men Farm” in Steele AL (near Birmingham).  The farm is described as a “Christian family retreat to help families reconnect with God and each other.”  You can find more information at their Fishers of Men Farm website.

Alex Bell (2014) was the recipient of the 2014 Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions’ Scholarship of Excellence.

Amber Blocker (2013) had a baby girl born in May, 2014!

Holly Cauthen (2011) earned the Susan Herdman - Vestibular Competency Certification in March 2013.

Brandon Cloud (2005) passed the certification exam and is now an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)!

Jackie Castro-Cooper (2004) is a John F. Barnes-trained Internal Pelvic therapist and now assistant instructor with them.  She also treats intraoral TMJ intervention.

Alicia Ponsock Dwyer (2010) is now Clinical Director at Baton Rouge Physical Therapy-Lake in BR.

Bethany Merkel Engl (2007) and husband Brian, now have two little girls-Lucy & Etta!  Precious pics on facebook!

Jeremy Fletcher (2010) completed his tour of duty and is now Rehab Director at Fort Stewart in Georgia.  He recently achieved specialist certification through ABPTS as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Mark J Gagnon (2005) has achieved Wound Care Certification (WCC) by NAWCCB; and with his wife has two children: Madison (2) and Grayson (6 months).

Eric Garrard (1995) recently moved back to Georgia to take the CEO position at Emory Rehabilitation Hospital in Atlanta. It's a new partnership between Emory & Select Medical. View the press release at and

Mallory Campbell Giglio (2010) and husband are expecting a little girl in September 2014.

David Greer (2011)  has achieved certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) through ABPTS.  David works for Encore in Ocean Springs, with a focus on orthopedics and sports. David married Ally on Jan. 11, 2014, and they are expecting their first child in December.  A joyful, blessed event!

Christina Kilborn-Brunner  (2008) is now certified as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by ABPTS and works in Key West, FL.

Anthony Nuchereno (2007) has completed one year of Medical School at William Carey University School of Osteopathic Medicine, and son Paxton was just born in August!

Brittney Paisley (2009) is now a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Amy Dunbar Pause (1997) has gained specialty certification as a Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS)!

Shellie Parchman Rovelo (2003) was married 2/21/14 to Fabian Rovelo. She recently registered to take the OCS exam – Go get ‘em Shellie.  Class Presidents rule!!

Beth Phillips (2013) is engaged to be married on February 28, 2015!!

Shelby St. John (2009) is getting married Oct 11. She also has achieved certification a HPCS and MSCS.

Natalie Day Sandoval (2009) still works for HPRC (and says they love having students from USA), in the outpatient orthopedic clinic affiliated with St Francis Hospital with a focus on manual therapy and sports medicine, and a residency program with Mercer in Atlanta. She is now certified in functional dry needling. She and husband, former Marine and Sgt on the Columbus Fire dept, have two year old twin boys!

Amanda Smolinski (2007) is now certified C/NDT, completing the 6-week NDT Pediatrics Certification course this past summer in Goa, India. She was able to immerse herself in the NDT experience and collaborate with many Indian therapists from the corners of their country. She describes the experience as life-changing, culturally and professionally.

Martha McDaniel Stoner (2010) was promoted to Women's Health Coordinator at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital in Bozeman, MT.

Valerie Shankland Sullivan (2007) and husband John just had their first daughter, Mary Claire, born April 21st.

Cara Gilliland Velotas (2011) and her husband Paul have welcome a precious baby boy to their family!

Alison Cross Wikel (1993) was married May 17 to Brian Wikel.  Congratulations!

FALL 2013

Donovan Brooks (1997) a Poarch Creek Indian obtained a $40,000 donation from the tribe to his Special Needs Baseball teams for much needed upgrades to their fields.  What a great public service!!!

Barbara Brown GCS (2010) completed the USAPT DPT program and was recognized for her Geriatric specialist certification (GCS) at CSM in San Diego, January 2013.

Susan Burke (tDPT) is a CI for our students at Sacred Heart in Pensacola, and earlier this year provided PT services at a Rehab clinic in Kunming China.

Alexis Clarkson (2005) has just returned from extended travel around the world, combined with PT service.  Her travel adventure took her from Bali to India to Spain/Portugal.  She spent a month traveling throughout India as a volunteer for the Khusi Hona Feel Happy Orphan Project.  Alexis reports: "It was the most rewarding time as a professional to be able to directly impact the lives of orphaned & abandoned children by giving them tools for a happy childhood."

Katherine Davidson GCS (2005) is now a certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist (GCS) which was awarded at the APTA CSM conference in San Diego, January 2013.

Jeremy Fletcher (2010), serving as a military PT in Afghanistan from Feb - Dec 2013, rotates through six different locations by helicopter to provide PT services. His clinic is wherever he happens to be, practicing out of his aid bag.  He does "ALOT of manual therapy and dry needling", and lots of teaching to medics and other medical providers that have limited MSD background, making him the busiest medical provider in his brigade.

Katie Fletcher Freeman (2003) and husband Derek welcome their firstborn son Sebastian on 9/5/13.  Everyone is healthy and happy, and Sebastian is quite photogenic!

Elizabeth Monk Frierson DPT, OCS, CLT (2003) lives in Atlanta, working at Emory Physical Therapy and Wellness as part of the faculty practice.  She is a leader in the orthopedic residency which was just accredited. She has recently been involved in building a cancer rehab program.

Jennifer Hicks OCS (1999) in addition to her COMT certification is now a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Mike Hoover (1994), President of Business Solutions Group at Health Systems International,  has family news as his kids grow up.  The oldest son is 24, graduated from UA, married and working in Montgomery.  Daughter Hannah is now 20 and a sophomore at UA.  And youngest son Hamp is 17 and a high school Senior.

Anna Howard (2000) is an APTA Certified CI Trainer, supplemented by her years of experience as a CI, now teaching the basic credentialing course to encourage best-practice in PT clinical education.

Zach Kirby (2010) is now Therapy Outcomes Coordinator (Rehab Director) at Nursing Facility in Durham, NC. This fall he begins an Executive Masters of Healthcare Administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dana Thompson Lameier (1993) unexpectedly moved to south Georgia (Pavo, GA) several years ago, bought land and then built their dream home. She achieved a Masters degree in Health Services Administration.  Married for 20 years now, their girls, age 14 and 15, are growing up in the country with chickens, fruit trees and a garden.  They enjoy knowing where our food comes from.

Tom Lett (2005) – after years of work at Sacred Heart Health System in Pensacola, retired from the Navy Reserve (after 30 years) and now works at VA in Pensacola.  Tom completed the tDPT with Graduate Honors at Regis University in December 2012, and has been very active in APTA, FPTA (Florida), Geriatric, Orthopedic, and Federal Sections, frequently attending national conference.  He is now serving as Chief Delegate from the NW Florida District to the FPTA Assembly.

Shellie Parchman DPT (2003) earned her transitional DPT from Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine and Science in Aug 2012.

Jena Smith (2011) will marry Tyler Hayes on October 20, 2013.

Jean Soileau (2005) is back in his home town of Breaux Bridge, LA and is a partner in an outpatient orthopedic and sports med clinic.  He is currently preparing for manual therapy certification.

Martha McDaniel Stoner (2010) got married in May 2011, is currently working at an LTACH, outpatient facility.  She is a credentialed APTA CI with her first student this past year.  She is staying busy "running 1/2 marathon each year and playing league basketball, and hiking and camping as much as possible!"

Jonathan Weathers (2008) and Julie Brown Weathers (2008) just missed the last news edition with the birth of their first daughter Mattie Rene Weathers on Nov 3, 2012.  See photos on FaceBook.  They are having a great time and a quote from them sums it up: "We are so blessed!"

Amy Jacobs Wilder (2003) lives in Boaz and loves her work for Marshall Medical Center home health. She married Tracey Wilder 5 years ago and blended daughters Savannah (hers) and Hannah (his) into one family. Then they added Ella Claire, and surprise!, ten months later, Trey Bryant was born. She says "The kids keep me running but I love it."

FALL 2012

Ashlie Blake Cash (2002) opened a private practice in Brent, AL, in June 2011 and things have really gone well. The practice is called Renew Physical Therapy.

Allison Blythe (1999) has completed four Ironman Triathlons in the past four years and recently ran the Ironman Triathlon in Louisville, KY, finishing 13th in her age group!!  Making us Proud!

Katherine Davidson PT GCS (2005) is working in Anniston, AL, and recently passed the ABPTS GCS exam!!

Lucinda Davis, PT, DPT (2005) is supervisor of physical medicine department at Martinsburg VAMC (in West Virginia).  She received her doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern Univ.  She runs1/2 marathons and will have her first full marathon in January at Disney World. 

Dennis Fell (1993) was promoted to full Professor in the University of South Alabama Dept of Physical Therapy.

Stjani Fridriksson (1988) is owner of Grelot Rd Physical Therapy in Mobile, AL.  He was recently appointed to a position on the advisory board for Alabama Blue Cross Blue Shield representing the interests of physical therapists.

Elizabeth Monk Frierson (2003) is director of Emory's faculty physical therapy clinic in Atlanta, GA, including a new orthopedic residency program.  She and husband John have a 5 year old daughter Sarah Beth and 3 year old son Bobby. She obtained OCS certification in 2010 and completed the tDPT from University of South Florida this Summer.

Eric Garrard, FACHE, PT (1995) is now CEO of Healthsouth Cane Creek Rehabilitation Hospital in Martin, Tennessee.

Kevin Gasque (2009) and wife Beth have welcomed their son, Thomson Reece Gasque, born 03/08/12 @ 2:06 pm, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long.  Enjoy him!!!

Jeremy Gray (1997), son of Professor Emeritus Dr Charles Gray, moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL, to take a position as Chief Operating Officer at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.  The twins are now 11 and Caroline is 8 years old.  Dr Gray is very happy to have Jeremy and this set of grandchildren closer to home.

Willliam “Kelly” Grizzard (1991) had been involved with many short-term mission trips with Mercy Ships in Honduras and Belize, and now has been full-time with their staff since 2008 with his wife, a German nurse he met in Belize.  He even led earthquake response teams to Haiti.  Now with a family of three, he has moved to Lindale, TX as Regional Development Manager at the home office.  You can see videos of some of the Mercy Ship’s work at this link. Cool work he is doing, indeed!

Jennifer Hicks PT OCS (1999) is now a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and recently passed the OCS exam!!

Mike Hoover (1994) is President of Business Solutions Group at Health Systems International.  He was founder of Bridgeway Medical, LLC (which was purchased by HSI in August 2008), a leading provider of “medical bill repricing, specialty bill audit, PPO network access, utilization management, pharmacy management, and medicare set-aside solutions.”  Mike resides with his family in Pike Road, AL.

Julie Norton Martin (1997) completed her tDPT through University of St. Augustine in Dec 2011 and has two beautiful children.

Marian Merritt (1996) is now a published author in what is described as southern style fiction.  She will have her first novella published by the time this newsletter is sent.  "Southern Fried Christmas" is published by Pelican Book Group.  You can check out her blog that explains the publication process or her Facebook page "Marian Merritt - Author".

Rachel Hicks Mullins (2003) and husband Chance now live in Dothan, AL.  They enjoy daughter Scout (now 5), and son, Cash (now 3).  Rachel works prn at Southeast Alabama Medical Center, but really enjoys staying home with her kids.

Amy Lowe Nelson (2002) is now Director of Rehabilitation Services with Rehab First at Capitol Hill in Montgomery, AL.

Pete Panus PT PhD (1994) is Associate Professor of Pharmacologic Science at East Tennessee State University.  He was named the USA College of Allied Professions Alumni Hall of Fame recipient for 2012.

Ma Moller Patapoff (1989) said of Ida Flowers (former secretary) “she beamed of kindness and was kind of like a mother to us.”  Ma now lives in San Francisco Bay area with husband Tom, raising identical twin sons Nicholas and Alexander age 12 and is less involved in PT for now.

Amy Dunbar Pause (1997) completed her tDPT at Univ of Tennessee in Chattanooga in Dec 2011.

Stacy Simmons Stone (2002) completed her tDPT through Regis University.

Melanie Thomason (2007) is now Clinic Manager (Acworth) at OrthoSport Physical Therapy in
Kennesaw, GA.

FALL 2011

Sabra Arzaga (1987) achieved specialist certification as Pediatric Clinical Specialist (PCS) through APTA in 2011.

Ruth Aubrey (1983) was awarded her DPT degree through the online transitional DPT program, as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

Alexis Clarkson (2005) was awarded the PCS Pediatric Clinical Specialist certification through APTA at the CSM conference in New Orleans, February 2011.  She works at Tampa General Hospital in the NICU and inpatient pediatric rehab.

Tim Clemmons (2008), after working in Savannah for 3 years, has moved back to Auburn (RehabWorks in Opelika) with wife (attending Pharmacy school) and two daughters (5yo and 23 month old).  He is teaching a course at South University PTA program.  Particular congratulations to Tim for his recent achievement of Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) certification in 2011!!

Shauna Crenshaw (1988) was awarded her DPT degree through the online transitional DPT program at USA, as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

Eric Dekle (1994) is serving his second year on a term a member of the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy.

Sonja C Evers (1989) achieved specialist certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) through APTA in 2010.

Jeremy Fletcher (2010) presented a case report, mentored by Prof Laura White, “Use of the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) to Screen for Delirium in the Acute Care Setting: A Case Report”, as a peer-reviewed platform presentation at APTA Combined Sections Meeting, New Orleans, February 12, 2011.

Crystal Pearl Jones (2007) is now Crystal Jones Freeman, married on April 23, 2011.  She still loves her job!

Elizabeth Monk Frierson (2003) achieved specialist certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) through APTA in 2010.

Enoch Jones (2009) has welcomed his new son, Benton Parker Jones, born July 15, 2011.  He and Jennifer are blessed.

Judith Watson Jones (1995) completed the USA tDPT program in 2011 as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

Michelle Short Lollar (1991) was awarded her DPT degree through the online transitional DPT program at USA, as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

Joy Lyda Morris (2002) has an active 14 month old daughter, Emily, who was born July 1, 2010 with complex congenital heart defects.  Now after 2 open-heart surgeries, she is active and recently learned to walk (SO proud of you Emily!!).  The family will be walking in Emily’s honor at the American Heart Association Gulf Coast Heart Walk in September!  Go to the AHA website to learn more and join Emily’s team to raise money!  Way to go Emily!

Stephanie Beveridge Pruitt (1998) of Eagle Rehab in Madison, AL, has published a book “The Truth About Tummy Time” to educate expecting and new parents and teaches a CEU course “Evaluate and Effectively Treat Torticollis and Plagiocephaly” at sites around the country.

Paula Roeser Reyes (1996) works in acute care and subacute in addition to being mother to 3 boys.  The family is about to move overseas with her Navy husband.  She says “I could never imagine doing anything besides PT.  I absolutely love it and have not had one moment of regret for my career choice.

Deborah Russell (1987) completed the USA tDPT program in 2011 as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

Jonathan Shaw (2007) achieved specialist certification as Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) through APTA in 2010.

Shane White (2000) was awarded his OCS specialty certification through APTA at the CSM conference in New Orleans, February 2011.  Shane also completed the USA tDPT program in 2011 as part of the last cohort to go through that program.

The department expresses condolences to the family of Erich Rudolph (class of 1995) upon his death Saturday June 18, 2011 at the age of 40.  The department expresses thanks to those who gave memorial gifts toward the department scholarships.

FALL 2010

Emily Brigance Black (1998) and husband Trae Black of 11 years live in Madison, Alabama where she works in the school system of Huntsville City. They have two girls, 8 year old Isabelle and 6 year old Olivia.

Eric Dekle (1994) was appointed to the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy in October 2009 for a five-year term. He lives in Mobile AL and works with Mid South Home Health. Congratulations Eric! Thanks for your service!

Julie Fleisher Devlin (1999) and husband Terry live in Henderson, NV with 9 y.o. daughter Maggie. She works in outpatient orthopedics, specializing in neck and back pain with her MDT (McKenzie) training.

Rachel Fountain Green (2008) is now married and lives in Florida. She just sponsored her second annual Health Walk celebrating National PT Month.

Elizabeth Toler Kavanagh (1990) is married to 1989 University alum John Kavanagh and have 2 kids, Lauren Tice 16 and Chris Tice 18. Living in Mobile, she has worked for the last 11 years as a Regional Manager for a contract rehab company providing PT/OT/SLP in long term care settings throughout the Southeast.

Amy Dunbar Pause (1997) is enjoying her Nashville experience including a focus on vestibular rehab. She has completed the Advanced Vestibular Competency Course at Duke University, has co-instructed a vestibular course in Chicago and occasionally teach at area PT schools.

Althea A. Penn (1980) moved to the Atlanta area 14 years ago and has practiced with her NDT certification in Adult Hemiplegia in Gwinnett Hospital System. She loves her inpatient neurorehab focus and recently started her own company for part-time neurorehab home health visits.

Ramona Vowels Reich (1996) continues to enjoy physical therapy with certification in hand therapy.

John Scarbrough (1995) maintains dual licensure as a PT and an RN. He is presently on nursing faculty at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. He has earned a Master’s in Nursing Education from the University of Hawaii and is now half-way through a PhD program. In a recent note, he stated how much he enjoyed the Pathophysiology course, and now he is teaching Pathophys.

Jonathan Shaw (2007) is practicing PT in Georgia and has recently passed the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist examination! Congrats Jonathan! Who is next?

Mark Staples (1985) is owner and PT of an active Private Practice in both Alexander City and Dadeville, Alabama.

Austin Trippe (2007) and his wife had their 3rd baby (a girl named Selah Marie) in July 2009. Austin was named Director of Rehab for Encore Rehab at Evergreen Medical Center in February of 2008. They live in Brewton.

FALL 2009

Jon Baird (2003) and wife expecting their second child in Oct 2009. He is Manager of Select PT in Castle Rock and Parker, CO.

Andrew Bennett (1999) is part of a PT practice (TexPTS) that will be receiving the APTA PPS 'best practice award' at the upcoming PPS conference. Way to go Andrew!!

Michael Beuoy (2000) works in Huntsville for Encore Rehabilitation. He say “Life is good. Happily married with 2 kids, so we stay busy.”

R. Barry Dale, PT, PhD (1994) and Tracy had their second child, daughter Hannah in March 2009. Big brother Jackson started off a little jealous, but really loves his sister.

Emily Fedor-Flynn (2000) lives in North Carolina working part time in an ortho. outpatient clinic. She reports “we have two children who keep us ‘entertained’ and life is good!”

Charles Hollier (1993) and his wife Phyllis are owners of a PT-owned clinic, Hollier Physical Therapy, in Gonzales Louisiana. He built his own strip mall which houses the clinic in one of the units.

Gena Scott March (1993) lives in Baton Rouge with husband Ricky. They have a son Riggs (13) and daughter Robbye (11). Gena teaches 3rd grade English & cursive handwriting and 2nd grade English half day at the kids' private school and loves it! She does maintain her PT and Massage licenses.

Darius McAfee (2000) worked in Decatur and Huntsville for seven years in outpatient clinics, but now lives in Marietta, and I work in an outpatient clinic in Cartersville, Ga. He is very active in his local church, singing in the choir and leading a small group in the high school ministry.

Peter C. Panus, PhD PT (1994) is a faculty member at East Tennessee State University and had his book “Pharmacology for the Physical Therapist” published in 2009 by McGraw Hill.

Kaidong Tang (2007) and his wife Fawen are now in Cincinnati and are enjoying their 2 year old daughter, born on his graduation day, 5/5/07.

Spring 2009

JoEtta Fauver Barefoot (1992) says she is “truly blessed” with her family and in her full time position at Alacare Home Health and Hospice. JoEtta has been married to Blair Barefoot for nearly six years and they have a 3-year-old son Jaden (August 2005) and daughter Britton just born in August 2008.

Patrick Benefield (2005) now lives in Denver, CO, working for the VA hospital as an outpatient therapist, “literally treating everything” from individuals with tumor, bad backs, amputation, to TBI and Stroke. He recently bought a 120 year old Victorian home in downtown that he is starting to restore.

Andrew Bennett (1999) and Heather Giroir Bennett (1999) just opened a 12th clinic in Texas They include fully integrating residency training, fellowships, and now even internship at the student level. Andrew has his Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification and completed a fellowship. Their family includes Joshua (7), Anna (4), David (15mos)...with #4 on the way in May. Andrew says “Heather is a super mom”.

Donovan Brooks (1997) and Shannon Halverson Brooks (1996) say “12 years of marriage have flown by.” Donovan works for Mid-South Home Health and Shannon still works in the school system in Mobile. They have three children: Kyla (10) in competitive dance, Trevin (9) basketball is his thing, and Brayden (6) who “is a blast as he is the family clown”. They have a great family portrait on their Facebook page.

Lea Hurlburt Burnaman (2001) lives in Alexandria, LA with husband Dustin (married Oct 2007). Dr Fell found her on Facebook. She works in inpatient rehab center and also does some home health. They have their basset hound, Dexter, and she spends a lot of her free time keeping in shape by running and circuit training, reading and painting.

Angela Gattis Fowler (2005) married Evan Fowler, former tennis player at USA, in June 2008. She practices just north of Atlanta. She is preparing to open her own practice in Alpharetta. To the faculty she said “Thanks for everything.”

Mark Gagnon (2005) married his college sweetheart in January 2009. He has worked in New Iberia, LA. since graduation in an inpatient rehab unit floating to acute and outpatient as needed at a small hospital.

Natasha Howell (2001) lives in Lucedale, MS and works in home health as one of 4 area rehab leaders for the company. She stays busy with work , church and her 3 kids.... Serena(7), Trent(5) and Presley (2).

Amberly Cooper Mason (2004) opened a private practice clinic in Spanish Fort in May 2008 and it is going great. Plus, she has a 2 year old. She says “we stay pretty busy.” She is also on Facebook.

Kristy Scheblein McGehee (2000) is married with a 3 1/2 year old boy named Matthew. She works at Rehab Associates in Wetumpka, AL doing orthopedics and specializing in women's health.

Heather Hillhouse Melancon (2005) married and now is expecting their first child, a daughter, on May 7, 2009! She works at an outpatient clinic in Bogalusa, LA , Therapeutic Concepts. “Small clinic but I love it!”

Robert Murphy (1999) graduated from the St Louis University Seminary and is now teaching Theology and Spanish at the Jesuit High School in Dallas, TX. He also works on the athletic training staff and coaching soccer. “So I am busy but well and getting to mix all my interests.”

Jennifer Prevost Peyerk (1999) recently connected with a few of her PT classmates through Facebook. She is married with three kids; Jenevieve 8, Cole 5, and Paisley 1, and works for a local non-profit home care agency and does contract work as well.

Lisi Fox Phillips (1999) lives in Fort Payne now, but will be moving to Chattanooga, TN. They have 2 little girls: Trinity age 4 and Acadia age2.

Jill Renegar Porter (2000) lives in Nashville with her husband and 2 girls, ages 3 and 14 months. She has enjoyed home health PT for about 7 years and works for Vanderbilt Home Care.

Monica Thompson Shea (1999) works as a school PT in Jacksonville, NC. She earned her DPT from Boston University in 2005. She and her husband (a Marine) have three children: Morgan (6), Brennan (3), and Connor (1). See come cute Halloween pictures of the kids on her Facebook page.

Brian Strawbridge (2005) and his wife Mary will be equipping a double nursery. They found out they will have IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS with due date of June 19th.

David Sweatt (2000) & William Hale (2000) opened Peak Performance Physical Therapy in October 2005. Peak Performance is an outpatient clinic located in Florence, AL.

Katy Shrauner Thompson (1998) and her husband have lived in Phoenix for about 6 years (in Chicago for 4 years before that). She took 2 years off when she had the twins!! Having worked as a PT for over 10 years, she has worked now for 2 years in an Emergency Department - she really likes it.

Jessica Tranchina (1999) reconnected with Dr Fell through the Facebook alumni group. After initially practicing in the SE she has worked in San Diego, San Fran, Austin, Tulsa, Seattle and now in Hawaii. In Austin, she worked on her doctorate from BU and met my hubby. She says she had an “adventurous wedding” in Tahoe and honeymoon in Costa Rica. Jessica says “I just love the versatility of the field of PT and the ability it gives one to move about the country and even the world!!”

Lauren Muller Ventura (1998) lives with husband Brock in Madisonville, LA with two kids Camden (6) and Anna (3 1/2). After years in an OP clinic she is now full time with a non-profit called Med Job Louisiana to help place health care professionals in the rural and undeserved areas of our state with emphasis on the hurricane-impacted parishes.

Digby Watt (2002) has enjoyed his job in Georgia. He just found out he will be working full time as a therapist on the PGA Tour this year. He is “looking forward to the challenge.”

Claudia Velez White (1999) and her husband Kevin live in Madison and work in Hattiesburg, MS. For almost 10 years, she has loved her work as a pediatric PT. Their daughter Isabelle, will be 4 years old in May and is “bright and beautiful.”

Fall 2008

Phillip Carroll (1993) moved back to Ruston, LA in 1995 and has worked in home health since then. He now owns his own home health company and enjoys a busy and productive practice.

Julie Brown (2008) and Jonathan Weathers (2008) were married July 12th and now reside in North Georgia.

Lauren Brown Connolly (2005) married husband Sean in Nov 2006. They had been living here on the Gulf Coast, but recently moved to Philadelphia.

Tony Kennon (1987) was recently elected the Mayor of Orange Beach, AL.

Katie Moore (2007) and husband Scott had their second child Jude Scott Moore on May 8th. At 8 lb 9 oz and 21.75 inches, Katie says "He's great!"

Spring 2008

Sandra Pendergrass Arnold (1978) – the first USA PT Class!) recently returned to part-time work as a PT after 27 years of not practicing PT while she home-schooled her four children. The two oldest, Sara (27), and Ruth (25) have both graduated college and are married. Noah (19) is a sophomore in college, and Peter (18) will graduate high school within the next year. She enjoys life in Geneva, AL (for 25 years now) with her husband David.

Jack Bentley (2000) works for Gentiva Home Health in Mobile, AL. Five of their eight children are still at home, the oldest three are married and moved away. Jack and Jane are proud grandparents of Sarah Patience with two additional grandchildren on the way!

Laura Estes (2002) works in an orthopedic outpatient clinic in Southern Illinois. When Tonielli Jade "Elli" Estes was born 1/6/06 she gave up managing an outpatient aquatic center and sometimes does wounds and neuro occasionally at a local hospital. Regarding Elli, who will be 2 years old in January, she says, " Most of my free time goes to my daughter. With the career choice I have made, I am able to do that. I thank all of the staff at the PT department at USA for affording me the opportunity to do what I love."

Buddy McCormick (1995) is currently the ALAPTA Representative-at-Large and liaison to the PR Committee and web manager. He is also a nominee for the Alabama licensure board. He recently completed the requirements as a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist through the Back School of Atlanta and also completed the long term manual therapy series with Andy Gustafson which is required prior to formal entrance into the Institute of Rehabilitation and Training Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship.

Michelle Nesin, PT, OCS (1989) currently runs a practice with her sister and mother with locations in Huntsville, AL and Madison, AL,employing 17 PT's/PTA's. She has completed two fellowships, one in PNF in Vallejo, CA and another in Orthopedic Manual Therapy with the Institute of Physical Arts, (IPA) in Steamboat Springs, CO. She is an instructor for IPA since 1992. Michelle was married in May 2004 and gave birth to her son, Christopher John Hunt, September 13, 2007 at 8 lb 12 oz. The family resides on a farm in southern Tennessee with two dogs and a number of horses.

Francis Ng (1992) Congratulations to Francis and Terri upon the birth of their son Jonathan "Levi" in Hong Kong, 11/1/07. More details at

Diane Pitts (1986) works part-time at Providence Hospital and is a part-time adjunct instructor in the PT program. Her oldest of three sons is now a freshman at USA studying engineering.

FALL 2007

Alexis Clarkson (2005) has taken a new job as a pediatric Physical Therapist at Tampa General in her home town of Tampa, FL. She had an article about her with one of her patients in the Tampa Newspaper in March!

Barry Dale PT, PhD, SCS, OCS, ATC, SCSC (1994) has taken a new faculty position at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, bringing he, Tracy, and Jackson closer to their hometown of Gadsden and Jackson's grandparents! Notice he also recently passed the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist exam.

Lucinda Davis (2005) has now taken a job at the DCH Spine Care Center in Tuscaloosa. She is preparing to start a doctoral program and is engaged to marry Justin in May 2008.

Jennifer Farris (2001) has been working as a PT and ATC in the Enterprise area since graduation and bought a house four years ago. She is now starting a stint as a traveling PT starting in Ocala, FL.

Mai Fee-Vazquez (1997) Mai is practicing part-time at an outpatient clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon (a suburb of Portland, OR). She is working on her transitional DPT at Pacific University and hopes to complete an ortho-manual therapy mentorship at Kaiser Hayward's program.

Eric Garrard (1995) has been in Richmond, VA, but has relocated and was recently named Vice President of Outreach and Sub-Acute Services at Hutcheson Medical Center in Oglethorpe, GA.

Mason Reid (2003) practices in inpatient rehab at Northport Medical Center. She has completed her NDTA training and is now the Regional Chair for the NeuroDevelopmental Treatment Association.

Jaime Rhodes Loeffel (2000) and her husband live in Kennesaw, GA. She works Saturdays at a nursing home but mostly devotes her days to 2 year old son Liam. They are expecting their second child in January.

Justin Rich (2004) has been manager of five outpatient clinics in the Atlanta area. In May, he opened his own clinic, "Accel Physical Therapy, Inc.", in Villa Rica, GA (25 mi west of Atlanta) and has had a great response with weekly visits far exceeding his current goals. Son, Christian, just started kindergarten, and daughter, Sunny, has started pre-K.

Karl von Tiesenhausen (1999) lives in San Francisco and works in the Center for Outpatient Physical Therapy at St. Mary's Medical Center.

Spring 2007

Kim Enlow Baxter (1996) now has two beautiful children: Bailey 2 years old and Owen 8 months old. She and her husband Duane recently moved back to Mobile serving as staff members with Campus Outreach on the USA campus.

Faith McElveen Berryman (1990) is a faculty member and ACCE in the PTA program at South University in Montgomery, AL.

Jeff Boyles (1991) recently completed two terms as President of the Alabama Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. He is now serving as a missionary in the village of San Juan in Southern Belize. He and Tiffany have a two year old daughter Ann Marie.

R. Barry Dale (1994) is an Assistant Professor in our department. He and his wife Tracy now have a son, Jackson, now nearing his first birthday.

Rich Evans (2001) now lives in Houston with wife Patricia (a pediatrician) and their second child is on the way. Rich lived and practiced PT in Socorro NM for three years.

Holly Lathinghouse Gunning (1993) completed her doctoral degree (EdD) in August 2005 in Curriculum and Instruction with a dissertation exploring the relationship between personality, professional behavior, and clinical experience. She has been on faculty of the PTA program at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City since 1998 and became the Coordinator of the program in 2004.

Marna Guerra Hallman (1993) is now manager of outpatient orthopedics at DCH with a staff of eight. She married in 2003 and enjoys the two Boston Terriers (Buster and Tee). "Life is good!!!" she says… She achieved her OCS certification in 2000. Since 1999 she has run two marathons! WOW!

Niva Nokes Harrison (1988) is a faculty member and at the PTA Program at Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL. Niva has also served as a Chapter Council Member for Alabama Chapter of APTA as the By-Laws Committee Chair.

Robert Murphy (1999) entered the Jesuits, a Catholic Religious Order, in 2003 and is currently studying to be a priest. As part of his training Robert was sent to San Salvador, El Salvador to study Spanish and Theology. While there, Robert worked as a PT in a nonprofit medical clinic. He will soon be returning to his studies at Saint Louis University.

Quinn Sirmon (2005) has partnered with one of his CI's Bryan Soulie to open his own private practice PT clinic "Hub City Physical Therapy" in Hattiesburg, MS. The clinic is doing very well and his family is great! Go Quinn!!!

FALL 2006

Patrick Benefield (2005) has moved to Denver Colorado to work in private practice. He looks forward to "urban living."

Alexis Clarkson (2005) made a presentation of her work entitled "Physical Therapy in a Patient with Conversion Disorder: A Case Report of a Medically Unexplained Gait Disorder and Generalized Weakness in an Outpatient Setting" at the APTA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, June 22, 2006.

Heidi Yurcisin Cohan (1996) practices in stroke rehab in Gulfport, MS. Her two children are ages 2 and 6.

Tracey Coale (1996) has completed her tDPT degree through Boston University.

Amy Walsh Forsythe (1998) and her husband Van are proud parents of Conner, born June 15th. Amy is currently the President of MAPTO.

Stjani Fridrikkson (1988) is a certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) and is owner of Grelot Road Physical Therapy in Mobile. He is currently serving as MAPTO Secretary.

Denise Griffin (1986) is the Chair of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at South College in Knoxville, TN and is working on her tDPT.

Jennifer Montgomery Hodges (2002) is happily married and the mother of a 2 year old daughter. She is now Clinical Manager, PT for the Sacred Heart Rehab Center at Panama City Beach.

Anna Howard (2000) has earned her Pediatric Clinical Specialist (PCS) certification through the APTA American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. She practices at Baton Rouge General Pediatric Rehabilitation Center.

Francis Ng (1992) married Terri Milhollin of Atlanta on July 8, 2006. Francis met Terri on the mission field while serving in East Asia between 2001 and 2006. Currently, Francis is working with a team of medical professionals to utilize a Community Transformation approach to help rural people in East Asia to improve their basic health knowledge and personal hygiene while seeking and making use of abundant opportunities to share his personal Christian faith. Meanwhile, contact Francis at if you are interested in sharing time (from a few days to long-term assignments) to come and to make a real difference in the lives of these people.

Kristi Reaves (1995) now has WCC certification and is Acute Care Manager at Cullman Regional Medical Center.

Catherine Welford, MPT (2001), has been accepted to Medical School. She will start this Fall with the Class of 2010 at the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.