Department of Radiologic Sciences

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"The Department of Radiologic Sciences was established in June, 1976 ostensibly to prepare students to become competent radiographers and to fulfill the health-care needs of the region served by the University."

Attention: Community College Radiography Transferees

In order to simplify the transfer credit process from Community College Radiography programs to the department’s Bachelors of Science Degree in Radiologic Sciences, the department has adopted the following provision in its admission process:

In addition to meeting all other admissions requirements, associate degree transfer radiography students are required to take a 6 hour bridge course (Rad 491-Concepts of Professional Radiologic Practice). Upon completion of the bridge course, 41 semester hours of upper level credit will be awarded for the student’s previous radiography training during the final semester before graduation. This course is offered once each year during the summer semester.

Students planning to enter the fall semester 2017 are encouraged to register for RAD 491 during the summer semester, 2017. This recommendation is offered in an attempt to avoid delays in fulfilling the graduation requirements within three semesters of one’s initial enrollment date.