Camp Dream. Speak. Live. at University of South Alabama

Photo featuring camp leaders: Kara, Emily, Reagan, Georgia, Avery, and Kenleigh.
Camp Leaders: Kara, Emily, Reagan, Georgia, Avery, and Kenleigh

We are excited to announce our Camp Dream. Speak. Live at University of South Alabama! It is a one-week, evidence-based program for children who stutter offered by University of South Alabama in collaboration with the Arthur M. Blank Center for Stuttering Education and Research, a clinical research center at The University of Texas at Austin that generates research exploring the nature and best practices for stuttering, and provides treatment at no cost to individuals of all ages worldwide.

Through participation in Camp Dream. Speak. Live., children engage in theory and data-driven activities thoughtfully designed and proven to target the following goals: 

  1. increase their positive perception of their ability to establish peer-to-peer relationships,

  2. improve their communication competence and how they feel about their ability to communicate,

  3. enhance their self-compassion, resiliency, self-advocacy, and leadership skills, and

  4. lessen the influence of stuttering on their overall quality of life. 

Camp Dream. Speak. Live., supported by two decades of research, empowers children to stutter openly, speak confidently, communicate effectively, and advocate meaningfully such that the overall quality of their lives and their aspirations are not defined or limited by whether or not they stutter when they speak.  Every child who participates learns that what they have to say is important, and to never let stuttering stop them from pursuing their dreams, speaking from their hearts, and living their life to the fullest. Hence, the name “Camp Dream. Speak. Live.”

If you are curious to see what it’s like, please watch the news feature on Camp Dream. Speak. Live. El Paso 2023


July 15 to July 19 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL from 9 to 3 pm each day.  We have secured support to host this program, and your child will participate at no cost to you.  

Meet our Faculty!


Brent Wiles
Mr. Brent Wiles is an instructor of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of South Alabama. He holds a BA and an MS from the University of South Alabama and brings his expertise in speech-language pathology to the camp, ensuring a high level of clinical support and education for the campers.

Dahye Choi
Dr. Dahye Choi is an Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of South Alabama. She earned her PhD from Vanderbilt University. Her specialties include fluency disorders and speech science, making her an invaluable resource for both the camp's clinical leadership and the educational development of the campers.

Meet our Vendors and Volunteers!


Lauren Ainsworth (Improv Workshop Leader) is thrilled to be a part of this camp! She received her B.A. in Theatre Performance from the University of South Alabama in 2022 and even served as the campus Improv President for South’s comedy troupe, Improv USA. Lauren has also studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City. While in New York, she performed musical improv at the Broadway Comedy Club. Since then, she has studied Improv at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, solo comedy-writing with Characters Welcome, and even opened up a sketch-comedy hub, The Dude Cave, with her best friend, Camryn Simmons. She cannot wait to introduce the art of improv and play some silly games with everyone!


Camryn Simmons
Camryn Simmons (Improv Workshop Leader) is excited to spend time at the camp teaching the art of playing pretend. In 2023, Camryn earned her B.A. in Theatre Performance and Psychology from the University of South Alabama. During their time at the University, Camryn had the opportunity to explore a variety of roles on and off stage, as well as serving as President of the campus organization Improv USA. Camryn has also worked in community theatre, lead improv workshops at local high schools, and even studied improv at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida. Most recently, Camryn, and best friend Lauren Ainsworth, took the leap to create their very own sketch-comedy business: The Dude Cave. They look forward to spending the week getting goofy with everyone and playing some improv games! 


Ricky Trione is a visually impaired artist from Fairhope, Alabama, known for his textured 3D artwork. After losing his vision in two separate accidents, he transitioned from pen and ink to using thick textures in his art. Ricky's work is inspired by his Christian faith and the Gulf Coast. He uses his experiences to motivate and inspire others through art lessons and public speaking, emphasizing resilience and creativity despite obstacles.
For more details, visit Ricky Trione's About Page.


Terri Baker is an art educator with over two decades of experience in teaching art to children and adults. She holds a BS in Education and a Master's degree in Educational Media from the University of South Alabama. She worked 30 years for Mobile County Public Schools as a teacher and media specialist. Upon retirement, she became a part time art educator at multiple art venues in the area.  Outside of work, Terri enjoys painting with her friends at the Japanese Garden House, spending time with family, and traveling with her children. 


Carol Wiggins is an award winning artist and very involved in the local art community. She graduated with a BS degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Southern Mississippi. She worked 25 years in the Mobile County Public Schools as a Speech Language Pathologist in the elementary and preschool area. After retirement, she volunteered at the Mobile Museum of Art. She began to take art classes and workshops in a variety of art media which lead to becoming a part time art educator.  In addition to painting, Carol enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson, CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an invited guest speaker for the Everyday Leaders session and will share his story with the campers and answer any questions campers might have. Jack is a person who stutters with over a decade of clinical experience. His struggles and transformative journey with his own stutter are what led him to this field. In 2011, Jack co-founded Camp TALKS and ran the camp through 2023. 


If you are interested, please fill out the following initial registration form, enrollment form and consent form. 

  1. Initial Registration form
  2. Enrollment form
  3. Consent form

One your child is enrolled, our team will contact you to schedule a pre-treatment assessment in the week of July 8th and a post-treatment assessment in the week of July 22nd. 

If you have any questions, please reach out via email at and know that we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of as many people who stutter as we can, and we are here to support you and your child always in any way you may need.

We look forward to seeing you and your child in July!



Please visit the Blank Center website for more information.

To provide you with more insight and understanding of our efforts, we wanted to share the following recordings: