African American Studies Courses

Two female students holding books walking on campus together.

African American Studies Course Offerings for Fall 2023:

  • African American Studies 101: Introduction to African American Studies (Dr. Kern Jackson)
  • English 468: Contemporary Black Fiction (Dr. Laura Vrana)
  • Gender Studies 390: Special Topics: Moving Beyond Diversity (Dr. Betty Trout-Kelly)
  • Gender Studies 390: Special Topics: Black Women & Activism (Dr. Betty Trout-Kelly)
  • History 478: The New South (Dr. Henry McKiven)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 320: Cultural Competency (Dr. April Tashay Berry)
  • Philosophy/Criminal Justice 331: Constitutional Law (Dr. Chris Galanos)
  • Psychology 270: The Psychology of Black Experience (Dr. Demetrius R. Smith)
  • Sociology 220: Marriage & the Family (Dr. Susan Yvette DeLoach)