African American students marching in a parade carrying banner.

African American Studies

The minor in African American Studies provides an interdisciplinary investigation of the experiences, conditions, origins, accomplishments and contributions of people of African ancestry in the United States. Students may deepen their appreciation and understanding of African Americans by studying their earlier history in Africa, their transition to the New World and their diasporic experiences in other parts of the world.

The African American Studies program is comprised of more than 20 courses offered through nearly 10 departments and programs within the USA College of Arts and Sciences. The minor in African American Studies takes advantage of those characteristics of the African American experience that make it uniquely valuable for serious academic study and teaching, for it exposes students to the diversity and unity of the African American experience as well as to the similarities and differences among the cultures of Africa.

Upcoming event:

Please join us when Mudiwa Pettus, Assistant Professor of English Composition and Rhetoric at Medgar Evers College, presents "Against Compromise: Black Rhetorical Education in the Age of Booker T. Washington" on Wednesday, April 21 at 4:30p.m. This is the final installment in this spring's Race and Identity series sponsored by the English Department. Please visit the English Department website to register for this event and receive a Zoom link:

Spring 2021 African American Studies Courses

  • EH390: African American Oral Narrative (Dr. Kern Jackson)
  • EH402: Rhetoric & Race (Dr. Patrick Shaw)  
  • EH490: Protests & African American Literature (Dr. Chris Raczkowski)
  • HY431: African American Women’s History (Dr. Martha Jane Brazy)
  • HY477: The Old South (Dr. Henry McIven)
  • SY220: Marriage and the Family (Dr. Susan DeLoach)
  • PSY270: Psychology of Black Experiences (Dr. Demetrius Smith)
  • GS290: #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and Beyond (Dr. Betty Trout-Kelly)
  • PSC340: Race, Gender, & Politics (Dr. Corina Schulze)
  • IST320: Cultural Competency (Joycelyn Finley)
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South Social Justice Awards Announced
South Social Justice Awards Announced
Friday - January 8, 2021
The University of South Alabama has announced the recipients of the first Social Justice Initiative grant awards with the goal of opening access to opportunities and strengthening civil and human rights in the community.
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Alabama's Black Belt Blues
Tuesday - October 20, 2020
University of South Alabama Assistant Professor Dr. Kern Jackson will be part of "Alabama Black Belt Blues," a one-hour documentary about Alabama's blues music tradition, centered in its fertile Black Belt region. The film is produced by One State Films in partnership with Alabama Public Television.
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Dr. Kern Jackson and Researchers at South are Involved in Ongoing Projects Related to the Clotilda
Dr. Kern Jackson and Researchers at South are Involved in Ongoing Projects Related to the Clotilda
Tuesday - June 23, 2020
A new Africatown Heritage House facility is being planned to house artifacts from the Clotilda, the recently rediscovered last ship to bring captive Africans into slavery in the U.S. just before the Civil War began.
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