Minor in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement

**Note** The B.S. program in Instructional Design & Performance Improvement is no longer taking new majors. The program will continue to be offered to all existing majors.

Every workplace includes professionals who are responsible for the training and development of staff. Individuals whose passion is training others are always in need. You can become that person, and you don't have to change your major! 

Welcome to the minor in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement or IDPI. The Instructional Design portion of IDPI focuses on developing, delivering and evaluating training experiences in any number of professional settings. Instructional Design is an interdisciplinary field in that its principles can be applied to training in any professional discipline.

The Performance Improvment aspect of IDPI becomes important when general training experiences are not enough to bring a given worker up to the level of proficiency an organization requires. In such cases more individualized approaches to worker performance improvement are needed that address the root causes of a worker's deficiencies. Performance Improvement principles provide a systematic set of procedures to analyze performance problems, craft individualized performance improvement plans and evaluating improvements in a worker's performance over time. 

Combined together these two skill sets are a powerful add-on to a primary major. Examples of this might include a business manager who wants to also develop skills in corporate training and staff development. Also, an engineering major who wants to develop expertise in training employees in material and occupational safety principles. Both of these students could accomplish this goal with the IDPI minor.

 IDPI Minor Curriculum 

A student wishing to obtain a minor in Instructional Design and Performance Improvement must complete 18 credits hours

Students are required to take the following 5 courses (15 credit hours):

  • ISD 301 - Trends & Issues in IDPI
  • ISD 310 - Instructional Design
  • ISD 320 - Training Intervention
  • ISD 340 - Analysis, Assessment & Evaluation
  • ISD 450 - Human Performance Technology
  • Choose one course (3 credit hours) from among the following: ISD 350, ISD 360, ISD 370, ISD 410, ISD 420, ISD 430, ISD 440, or ISD 490.