Department of Counseling and Instructional Sciences

Counseling and Instructional Sciences Faculty,

L-R: Seated - James Van Haneghan, Pamela Moore, Amy Upton, Gayle Davidson-Shivers and Yvette Getch, Standing - Gail McLean, Shenghua Zha, Burke Johnson, Joel Billingsley, Tres Stefurak, Brandon Browning (not pictured Laureen Fregeau, Ryon McDermott).


Helping people learn and grow is our mission in the Department of Counseling & Instructional Sciences.

We are designers of workforce skills...

We impact the region’s economy by training leaders in instructional design who work in private business and industry, government agencies including the military,  educational institutions, and healthcare organizations designing and evaluating programs of training that keep our workforce on the cutting edge.

We are educational innovators….

We enable schools to innovate and adapt through training school counselors, school librarians and educational technology specialists. School counseling graduates use data-based methods to advocate, consult and intervene with all students to ensure all students can become well developed and college and career ready young adults. The graduates from our library media and educational technology master’s programs innovate and deliver 21st century learning experiences that leverage digital and web-based resources to the region’s students.

We are catalysts for healing and growth...

We guard our region’s health and well-being. Graduates from our mental health counseling master’s program are the front line of our region’s mental health system and serve as clinical leaders in that system. Graduates of the clinical and counseling psychology doctoral program become mental health experts and make contributions to mental health reform and policy-making.